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Season 15: 1 Game a Week or 2 games every other week?
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Allan (Memphis) - Saturday 09-24-05 8:57
Hi guys,
I've been kicking around the notion of having one game a week (during the league) as opposed to playing two games every other week. However, its just an idea. I think some people might like the "week off" between every two games too. Please reply with your comments...keep it as-is or move to 1 game a week.
Kyle (New England) - Saturday 09-24-05 15:53
I prefer the one match per week becuase it keeps more more involved.
Steve (Granada) - Saturday 09-24-05 16:04
I agree with Kyle, 1 game per week.

If you prefer 2 games every other week then you can simply subit two lineups and take the next week off :-)

Clive (Essex) - Saturday 09-24-05 17:01
2 games every 2 weeks is perfect - it allows real life to have a weekend when you are too busy to do orders, and it means you can actually plan what you are going to do rather than chuck something together one night because you have to
Steve (Granada) - Sunday 09-25-05 3:30
You mean you don't do your orders one night in the week with pen and paper at your side to make notes, while dinner is cooking?
Tim (Zaragoza) - Sunday 09-25-05 18:43
1 or 3, but 2 is a pain. EL needs to be worked out 3 matches at a time, and 1 a week covers 3 weeks, which is fine. 2 matches means that you have to work out an extra 3 with unknown EL, which is a nuisance. I'm all for losing that. And 3 at a time, well, that's what I'm already doing, so that's fine too. Up or down, but not 2 - that's my vote.
Kevin (Kirksville) - Monday 09-26-05 15:42
1 per week is good for me. Especially if we can do orders in advance and then just make changes the next week or two if we need to. That way we can all input lineups at our preferred schedules and just check back in after results in case of injuries/suspensions. Speaking of suspensions, this will also mean that a red card or 2nd yellow will take place in the very next game played, which is how it should be anyway.
Rob (Boston) - Tuesday 09-27-05 8:04
I can do both, but my preference would be for 2 every 2 weeks, echoing Clive's reasons.
Willy (Montevideo) - Tuesday 09-27-05 21:07
You can do 2 every 2 weeks even if the games are played once a week... I vote for 1 once a week...
Kev (Stockholm) - Wednesday 09-28-05 10:14
That's a one game every week from me!
Robin (Ayers Rock) - Wednesday 09-28-05 22:12
It does not bother me either way.

The only problem I see is : If we go for 1 game each week that means AL is tied up every WEEK, no time for the family.

It really should be up to AL; if he has the time available.

Oli (C. Iceland) - Thursday 09-29-05 4:39
I agree on the fact that it ties the commish every weekend to MSWL duties. So my vote goes to Amy and the kids, 2 games every 2 weeks.
Tim (Zaragoza) - Friday 09-30-05 17:04
Al knows more about programming and automation of the game and site than I do, and using the old Olmec and uploading the db I can still get the session running time down to around 20min. With the schedule already in the db, and the sessions running automatically as per the time set, I don't think Al will actually be doing anything with running the session on each weekend. It's just setup time.

Is that fair comment, Al?
Allan (Memphis) - Sunday 10-02-05 11:26
Yes, the games are automated. There are occasional manual things I need to do with webpages during cup competitions but by automating most tasks the manual stuff is generally low. I'll see if there are any more comments the next couple days and set the schedule from there.
Carl (Hollywood) - Tuesday 10-11-05 4:37
My selfish preference would be for one game each week. Playing once a fortnight is a bit stop start for me. Knowing that line-ups had to be in each week at a particular day and time, results would be out each week at a particular day and time and then only have 4 or 5 days to react to the next line-ups and Blog, works best for me. Clearly a man of fixed routine :)
That all said if weekly puts added pressure onto Al in any way, I would be a 2 games a fortnight person.
Alon (Gauteng) - Wednesday 10-12-05 15:28
Since I am getting older and more set in my ways I would vote for 2 games every 2 weeks.
Kevin (Kirksville) - Thursday 10-13-05 15:24
If Alon is getting older, will he start getting senile this season and make roster mistakes that will allow the rest of us poor little teams in the 1st Division to actually have a decent shot at the title too? Please?
Phil (Missouri) - Friday 10-14-05 23:53
I think one game a week makes for an interesting proposition. However, we have to note that going to one game per week, and allowing some managers to submit multiple weeks (to simulate two games every two weeks), would not be "balanced." The team submitting lineups on a weekly basis would have the slight advantage in terms of monitoring EL, injuries, player suspensions, and standings. It isn't fair to the managers opting for two lines every two weeks for us to tell them, "just submit your lineups a week in advance."


Clyde & Calvin
Tim (Zaragoza) - Saturday 10-15-05 19:21
Whatever makes you think we're worried about being fair? Injustice in my favour is what we're after! ;-)
Nick (Liverpool) - Monday 10-17-05 4:54
I think 1 game per week is preferable. This also builds excitement towards the end of the season.
Robin (Ayers Rock) - Monday 10-17-05 19:53
I would go for 2 games each week , just to be different :)

By the way , how many games do we have 1st session in the AP cup ?


Senile old git
Clive (Essex) - Friday 10-21-05 12:00
Just to add, that I, as many of you do, play in multiple leagues. I do like to sit and pour over my options for each game, trying a few new things here and there. With many leagues running weekly, the spare time gets compressed and I am finding myself increasingly putting teams together by memory rather than by working out a few strategies. I can appreciate the wishes to keep up the momentum, but I am sure that most of us have plenty of other things that will fill an otherwise MSWL-less week? However, my main reason for the games every other week, is purely that real life never goes smoothly and I'd hate to suffer a crucial loss because of missed orders due to a week away, or crunch times at work. The software runs in a matter of minutes, so lets give the humans among you the spare time to live your lives... to look to the sky... to bodly go where no, sorry I don't know what came over me there :0)
Rob (Boston) - Monday 10-31-05 10:41
Just read through the release notes and came across a little interesting bit:

Suspensions (MSWL only) now take effect with the NEXT GAME rather than the first game of the next session.

Should we keep with the current 2-matches ever 2-weeks, then this could play an important role in playing players in the first match who are on the cusp of DP suspension.

Let it be known that despite this, I am still in favor of 2 matches every 2 weeks.

Carl (Hollywood) - Thursday 01-19-06 11:55
I am enjoying the one game a week format.
May involve slightly less skill (or number crunching) for the second game, which perhaps leaves my limited squad less chance to pull off a surprise but it is working for me.
Allan (Memphis) - Friday 01-20-06 18:46
Thanks Carl, good to get some positive feedback every once in a while. Will someone please wake up Graham!?!? :-)

Mr. Sellers
Phil (Missouri) - Monday 01-23-06 0:06
I think that one game per week is more realistic. Plus, it prevents a team from fielding a T-11 lineup several times, followed by a terrible lineup, without broadcasting the weak lineup. Used to be in a three game session you could sneak one in once in a while...same for two.
Alon (Gauteng) - Thursday 01-26-06 8:51
I votedagainst 1 game per week but in retrospect I Think I was wrong.It is working very well.
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