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Worst Logo Ever?
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Allan (Memphis) - Saturday 10-08-05 17:28
Okay, I know I'm beating a dead horse here...and I'm probably posting in the wron area...

But is this the worst logo ever?

Steve (Asteria) - Saturday 10-08-05 18:35
It's not easy designing a logo!

There's some pretty good ones though.

As for mine I'm afraid I just cut and pasted a picture. I did try and do something similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers helmet logo but I can't Paint.

Carl (Hollywood) - Tuesday 10-11-05 4:39
Talking of logos Al, please remove that monstrosity I submitted for HAS a few years back. I really don't know what I was thinking about :(
Allan (Memphis) - Friday 10-14-05 18:29
Well, Carl, you need to send another one first. :-)

But yes, yours does give Ian a run for his money for the aforementioned award. ;-)
Mark (Scotland) - Monday 10-17-05 10:45
Agreed, BOA is a shocker of a logo.

And what is that type font anyway? Original I suppose :-)

Allan (Memphis) - Monday 10-17-05 16:56
I don't know Mark on the font but its 'Gawd Awful'. I hope Ian is listening somewhere from the Hurricane State...
Ian (Kendal) - Wednesday 10-19-05 23:32
I will recycle my answers from previous seasons and point out that this logo is now 10 seasons old. There are several things I would change given the opportunity. If I had my time again then I would first of all rub Scotland off the map, before addressing the other more minor flaw, the font :)

It should be noted that I have offered to design a new logo many times, and that on all occasions Al Sellers has stated that he is having too much fun with my old logo to let me produce a new one.

Luckily I leave the Hurricane State tomorrow, but I'm also meant to be going back there a few hours after the hurricane goes through, for the flight home. Am I the only one who gets that sinking feeling the strongest hurricane on record (yes, really) may well disrupt my flight, and therefore make the journey home even more miserable than it would otherwise have been?

Still, the hurricane isn't the most dangerous thing in Florida at the moment - that award goes to the American drivers. Some of these drivers make Phil "oh my, it's on the roof again" McIntosh look like the Patron Saint of safety. Talking of bad American drivers, I was once taken on a very alarming drive by Jay "is that a one-way street" Wilkins, but i'm sure you don't need to hear that story again...
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