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NYT retirements
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Jay Patrick (New York) - Wednesday 10-19-05 13:24
From the offices of James Patrick Montgomery Aloysius MacManus Wilkins Esq.:

It is with great regret that we announce the retirements of three stalwart former members of the New York Trashtalkers: U.R.A. Dick, F.U. Furrinerz and Eduard Buchner.
>br> Dick gave the squad its trademark Trashtalker edge for many seasons, but simply couldn't keep it up anymore. Furrinerz was among the most-hated players in the league, but was always much-beloved in the NYT offices and in nightclubs around the Big Apple. And Buchner...well, he was the 3rd striker for a couple of seasons.

Dick and Furrinerz have indicated that they will pursue an undisclosed project together, and since they've always gone rather hand-in-hand, we expect nothing but success and happiness in their future.

Oli (C. Iceland) - Wednesday 10-19-05 19:07
Will we see U.R.A. Dick 2 then ???
Ian (Kendal) - Wednesday 10-19-05 23:13
I always love the NYT retirement postings, only the emergency relief posting I'm waiting on now...

Also amusing to see that the >br> situation isn't sorted yet? Is this a deliberate mistake these days - if it isn't then let me be the first to say U.R.A. very slow learner, Wilkins :)
Jay Patrick (New York) - Friday 10-21-05 14:39
Indeed, I did flip a "<".

By the way, K donations are gladly accepted.

Jay Patrick (New York) - Sunday 11-20-05 9:34
New York has given defenders Major Bastid and Manuel Ray Leese their walking papers after several years of loyal if unspectacular service.

Major Bastid plans to become a military recruiter in the Times Square office while Manuel Ray Leese has already opened a health club and massage spa in Hell's Kitchen.

The Trashtalker organization wishes them the best and looks forward to rejuvenating its aging back line.

James Patrick Montgomery Aloysius MacManus Wilkins Esq.
Owner/CEO/General Manager/Coach
New York Trashtalkers
Phil (Missouri) - Monday 11-21-05 23:52
Is it safe to say that the whole Bastid family has now played for, and retired from, NYT?

...or will there be another Bastid on Jay's roster?
Allan (Memphis) - Wednesday 11-23-05 17:02
General Bastid? President Bastid? Anyone?
Phil (Missouri) - Friday 11-25-05 23:24
They all graduated from U Bastid!
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