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Mid-Season point?
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Kevin (Kirksville) - Wednesday 10-19-05 14:54
Prepping for season-long planning of CP/TP allocation and I can't remember after what match mid-season aging will occur this season.
AP Cup play = 10 matches
League Play = 22 matches (matches 11-32)
MSWL Cup play = 14 matches (matches 33-46)
So are we at mid-season in the middle of league play (after match 21) or at the middle of the season-length of matches (after match 23)?
Al? Or can anyone remember from last season what we did?
Tim (Zaragoza) - Tuesday 10-25-05 15:20

I've got 26 written down, but I can't confirm that it is official. :-) The match of the last auction, which is definitely not the middle of league play. May well be the middle of total season length, though I've got a suspicion it wasn't that either.

Well, that's a long winded way of saying, "I don't know," isn't it?! ;-)


Oli (C. Iceland) - Wednesday 10-26-05 5:15
Last season we had mid season aging after league game nr. 14 I believe. So that would leave you playing 20-24 games before aging and then 22 games after aging. Correct me if I am wrong there, but I did make a note of this during last season.
Allan (Memphis) - Wednesday 10-26-05 16:52
I followed Oli's incredible memory and looked up what we did last season...

Mid-Season Aging will occur after match 24.

It will probably be like this for he next 15 years so let's try to remember 'the matchnumber equals the hours in the day'. I'm getting old, my memory is I'll go with that.

Steve (Asteria) - Wednesday 10-26-05 17:38
Never played in the AP cup. Do those of us that get knocked out only play 6 matches? I need to know when I can spend my CP/TP.
Oli (C. Iceland) - Wednesday 10-26-05 17:46
Yes you are correct Steve only 6 games and then the knockout games are a plus, so only 2 teams play 10 games.
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