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GP/OFF bonus/penalty
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Tim (Zaragoza) - Tuesday 10-25-05 15:13

Has the GP/OFF bonus/penalty been extended to other tactics, Al, or does it still only apply to S? As a team with an OFF sub opp GP can't get shots anyway, any reason not to extend this bonus/penalty to all tactics?

Saw a match recently where someone playing O had an OFF half of opponent's GP, which got me wondering.

Oli (C. Iceland) - Wednesday 10-26-05 5:17
I agree there Tim
Allan (Memphis) - Wednesday 10-26-05 16:48
Tim, can you paste in some of the numbers you are referring to as an illustration?
Tim (Zaragoza) - Thursday 10-27-05 2:10

It was from an old version, Al, so I was wondering whether you'd changed that or not.

As an eg. 26-98-35 O plays 54-105-78 L. Aside from that L already gets a bonus to OFF, they've got 19 GP doing nothing. If it gets swung to OFF vs S, it might as well swing to OFF for the other tactics as well.

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