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Allan (Memphis) - Saturday 10-29-05 13:14
Hey guys, a couple quick auction items.

Auction Player Parameters
Here are the parameters for this season:
-9 players per auction
-8 auctions
-72 players overall

Age Number SL Range
0 3 5-10
1 1 10-14
2 2 13-17
3 1 16-20
4 1 19-23
5 1 22-26

Auction Tie Breaker Rules
If there is a tie in the auction, the player goes to the team in the lowest division with the fewest league points. If we are in AP Cup play, we will use AP Cup points. Bottom line: the software has never worked terribly well when processing auctions and dealing with ties. Rather than take a lot of time to update it, we'll simply have this tiebreaker in place to handle the rare (1-2 per season?) ties that occur.

If you have any comments on the above, feel free to voice them. I'm sure I'll ruin someone's 25-year plan with this...
Phil (Missouri) - Sunday 10-30-05 22:37
Mark (Scotland) - Monday 10-31-05 10:36

Always a silver lining to that 5-0 AYR defeat,
SCO will beat the majority in an auction bid tie based on fewest AP Cup points!

Steve (Asteria) - Monday 10-31-05 16:47
Here's one thing Tim would win :-)
Allan (Memphis) - Monday 10-31-05 16:59
Mark, now you're going to have to tank your next 2 matches to be assured of 'Auction 1 Tiebreaker Glory' though... :-)
Graham (Barcelona) - Tuesday 11-01-05 5:28
25 year plan!!!

I didnt realise this game was full of such short-termists.

Amateurs. Pah!


Kyle (New England) - Wednesday 11-02-05 20:29
You and Jose Mourinho...thinking long term.
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