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WIBNI thought....
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Graham (Barcelona) - Sunday 10-30-05 6:59
Just wondering if the front page for the team would be enhanced by having a small list of the next 2 or three matches, just under the ineligible trade list. Or maybe above that.

Just a thought....

If folk like the idea I'll add it to the enhancement list.


Allan (Memphis) - Sunday 10-30-05 13:12
Hey Graham, I added something to the team main page for you. Have a look and let me know if that works.
Carl (Hollywood) - Sunday 10-30-05 14:56
Excellent Al!
The "Events Calendar"/diary on the team page is excellent.
Any chance you could also add the auctions.
Only asking Al. Only asking.
Graham (Barcelona) - Sunday 10-30-05 15:59
not quite what I was expecting Al - but more than I was expecting.

Nice Job


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