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Allan (Memphis) - Tuesday 11-01-05 17:24
Hey guys,

I'd like to see some ideas for either new tactics or changes to existing ones (that aren't played much) to make them more useful. 'KILT' is not a tactic, but rather a lifestyle...
Kyle (New England) - Wednesday 11-02-05 20:31
I think Early Cross needs a tweak. Does anyone play with wingers anymore?

There needs to be an incentive to play that sort of system. People dump those wingers like the plague.
Andy (Barnsley) - Thursday 11-03-05 13:34
Sounds good. I try to play a winger when possible, but I've noticed that although it seems to work better than Normal, it is not as effective as Longball. Oops, there's that word again.

As for "Kilt" being a lifestyle choice, I saw it as more of a fashion choice than a lifestyle choice. Not much call for it in this neck of the woods, but quite popular in much of Scotland.

Steve (Asteria) - Thursday 11-03-05 15:45
I play a lot of early cross on SaSo and have 2 decent wingers. My expansion team started with a 2/20 WG so when another decent one came up for sale it was an obvious buy. The problem is that you don't seem to get many wingers in auctions.

Where wingers "fail" is with teams that are exclusively longball/early cross. With equal SL they have half the chance of getting a shot as a forward and so a manager will decide that they may as well invest in the forwardss exclusively.

Where they win is that they are offside less than forwards and add 1.25+ OFF per SL compared to a forward's 1.00 in the other tactics. As the rules paraphrase, they can be considerd a midfielder that uses it's DEF as OFF (MF add a total of 1.25 OFF+DEF)

If I was to tweak anything it might be the 0.25 defender GP that some tactics give. It could make counter attack more tempting if it was higher.

Jay Patrick (New York) - Thursday 11-03-05 18:43
Well...I'll just throw in my usual "KISS" comment. As you all surely know, that stands for "Kids in Satan's Service".... Erm, I mean "Keep It Simple, Stupid"!

Gee, I dunno. I like Normal and Longball. I never play Early Cross because I can't picture that in my head, like I think I can for Normal and Longball. And therefore (or coincidentally?), I never draft or buy WGs. Is there a strategy for just kicking the ball back and forth in the midfield? Oh, wait. That's most of the game. (Kudos, Simpsons...)

Will there be a remedial PBEM "soccer" game in the offing for soccer no-nothings like me who want a few simple tactics and not a lot of math? I'm mostly interested in the GM parts of the game, not the match tactics.

Hey, there's an idea. Maybe I can get someone to fill out my matches, and I'll just handle the roster and resources. Would that be acceptable, if I ever really wanted to?

I kid, and I don't.

Kev (Stockholm) - Friday 11-04-05 21:59
How about adjusting the 2:1 rule so as teams can play Ball Control and mark at the same time?

Whoops! Am i allowed to mention this?

Kev (Stockholm) - Friday 11-04-05 22:03
Also, i think FW multiplier for Longball should be reduced a touch.

Opportunistic made more appealing (not too sure how though???).

Early Cross WG multiplier raised a touch? The only thing with Early Cross is that with some decent marking it can be countered very easily?

Clive (Essex) - Saturday 11-05-05 2:31
obviously we need a few new tactics, "Phasers on Stun", "Fire all Torpedoes" and "Hide behind Polystyrene Scenery" are ones that immediately spring to mind...
Andy (Barnsley) - Saturday 11-05-05 3:39
obviously we need a few new tactics, "Phasers on Stun",
 "Fire all Torpedoes" and "Hide behind Polystyrene Scenery" are ones that immediately spring to mind...

Would you need to divide "Phasers on Stun" into "Full spread" and "Full spread, maximum yield"? Presumably, instead of "Save orders" you would have to click "Make it so"? ;o)

Phil (Missouri) - Saturday 11-05-05 13:54

All you need to do is get a couple of pets. Clyde & Calvin do a lot of work behind the scenes with MLB. Over the past decade, I have had countless applications filed by our friends in the animal kingdom looking for work as general managers or coaches. In fact, in your area alone, there are several hampsters and a guppy looking for work. I'll send them your way.

Tim (Zaragoza) - Sunday 11-06-05 3:34
Good grief, Kev. I thought for a moment there that I'd posted something by accident! ;-)
Tim (Zaragoza) - Sunday 11-06-05 3:40
I might as well get a little bit more long winded. Most of us play (a)what we're used to, or (b)what has such obvious advantages we can't let it go by. The rest of the tactics are useful on occasion or useful to the occasional manager. "Why change for change's sake?", echoes the voice of Gareth. Definitely some tweeking is needed, but you've already had my opinion on that ad nauseum, so I won't repeat myself. But as to more or new tactics. No. We're just going to (a)ignore them, or (b)ignore the current ones. Either way, we'll just end up using the same range that we already do. Which for some of us is 1.
Mark (Scotland) - Monday 01-16-06 9:21
I started this season as an Early Cross team, but with the same 11 players the Long Ball tactic was more generous, so that is all I play now, even though I have 4 WGs in my roster!

My 5 step plan for change?

1. FW multiplier for Longball should be reduced. Long ball is a lazy tactic. I know - I use it!

2. High SL WG's rewarded with 'pinpoint' crosses in to FW's to have great chance of scoring.

3. Make Counter Attack just that - allow a weaker team to soak up pressure and then have a great chance of nicking a goal if their OTF is high and the Counter team swiftly passes the ball up field to catch the pressing team up field (we see this in Cup football in real life)

4. Opportunistic made more appealing so we can do away with Stall altogether. A tactic as if manager has said "keep it tight at the back", or "tight defending" or "zonal defending", or "defend as a unit". Basically Opportunistic should replace stall and be a tweak of both these tactics.

5. Lastly, controversially, get rid of Normal, as what team manager in real life has ever sent his team out the locker room and said "guys, just play normal, ok!" Normal is a lazy no brainer team tactic that can be scrapped!

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