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Carl (Hollywood) - Friday 11-04-05 9:54
Sorry about this one Al but are we getting the stats page back, or maybe it is there and I can't find it?
Oli (C. Iceland) - Friday 11-04-05 16:28
I ask as well
Allan (Memphis) - Saturday 11-05-05 11:06
Stats page now added gentlemen. More to come on that as I find time...
Phil (Missouri) - Saturday 11-05-05 13:47
Thanks, Al!
Rob (Boston) - Saturday 11-05-05 21:47
Stats... gotta love the stats!
Tim (Zaragoza) - Sunday 11-06-05 3:42
Ah, what a relief. I was starting to get the shakes. I almost had to get out my calculator and start adding things up off the screen! ;-) Thanks, Al.
Phil (Missouri) - Wednesday 11-09-05 0:35
How do you check a tactic other than normal?
Graham (Barcelona) - Wednesday 11-09-05 5:36
I'd like to advise people to spend their CP quickly before Al notices that its really the Bank Balance :)
Phil (Missouri) - Friday 11-11-05 13:17
What's a bank balance? Also, is there a way to see totals on the orders page for a tactic other than Normal?
Tim (Zaragoza) - Friday 11-11-05 19:54
Not yet.
All Topics