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Alan Parr Cup Rules
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Allan (Memphis) - Saturday 11-05-05 11:35
I saw there were a few queries on the blog. Thus, since we're almost done with seems only logical to actually publish the rules...  ;-)

Sorry about the delay on that. Reply to this thread with any questions...

Group Stage
-3 sessions of group play: 2 games per week
-Top 2 teams per group plus the 4 best (on points) 3rd place finishers get to the Sweet 16

Knockout Stage

-Each round will be a single-game. Ties will be broken by a PK shootout (in other words no home/away set of aggregate matches).
-In the knockout round the game WILL NOT be on neutral turf. The following criteria are used to determine which team has the home match:
- group finish
- total points (group and knockout)
- total goals (group and knockout)
- best goal differential (group and knockout)

-All teams will play between 6-10 games.
-At the end of the AP cup all teams get a +5 EL bonus (so if your player plays their last game, ends at 0 EL, gets the NORMAL +4 EL after a game, then they’ll get another +5 EL so they would be at +9 to start the season). Based on all this there is little reason to tank any of your final games to “position” yourself for the league games.
-Trades can be made before and during the AP Cup. Please use the online form to transact trades. Trades should be made 24 hours before the lineup deadline.
-At the moment ALL players are eligible for trading. Once the season starts a player who is traded to a new team must appear in 5 matches for that new team before he may be traded again. A player acquired in an auction must appear on that team for 15 matches before he may be traded to a new team.
-As with previous seasons, there will be a total of (3 * number of teams) made available in auctions for a total of 72 players.
-Blowouts during the league portion of the season will cost 120k. During the AP/MSWL Cups, however, there will be a different format. If a 1st Division Team wins by blowout over a 2nd Division Team the 2nd Division side loses 80k. If a 2nd division team wins by blowout over a 1st Division team the 1st Division team loses 160k.
-A blowout is when a team wins by 6 or more goals.
-CP/TP CAN be used in the AP Cup
-DP will be cleared after the AP Cup, however any suspensions WILL carry over into league play.
-The following Morale Bonuses will be in place based on finish (and apply to next season (15))
Finish Morale Bonus
Champion 0.15
2nd Place 0.10
3rd Place 0.07
4th Place 0.06
Quarterfinals 0.04
Phil (Missouri) - Saturday 11-05-05 13:46
Thanks, Al!
Mark (Scotland) - Monday 11-07-05 7:44

Quite straight-forward then.....

No, seriously, this is great and I must say how exciting the AP Cup is progressing.
One minute SCO were down and out, and now we have a real chance of Sweet16.

(for once I will be happy to be awoken by baby during the night so I can check results early Thursday morning!)

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