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Auction 3 Musings...
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Allan (Memphis) - Monday 11-14-05 17:51

Auction 3 Musings

Some would say this MSWL Notebook posting is being done to drive up prices. However, this message is endorsed by my esteemed colleagues Mike Jaffe, Clive Palmer, Kyle McCarthy, and Phil McIntosh. (note that I received these endorsements via telepathy so there's a chance it could have just been the voices in my head)

Lot Age SL Pos Bid Needed
1 5 23 MA 800
2 3 20 DF 600
3 4 19 DF 650
4 2 16 DF 725
5 2 14 WG 750
6 1 11 DF 500
7 0 10 FW


8 0 7 DF 700
9 0 6 FW 575

The bidding should be hot and heavy for Auction 3. Will Carl find his lost checkbook? Will Robin's 1300k bid for the 0/10 FW be enough to secure the remaining piece for the Ayers Rock Championship?

Of course you have to watch out for certain spoiler managers who don't really want players but will put up high bids just to keep prices high. I can't imagine any managers doing that though... ;-)


Ian (Kendal) - Monday 11-14-05 19:07
I can't believe you've just done this - sure am glad I just got all the players I needed last time around...
Mike (Motor City) - Monday 11-14-05 20:04
I agree with Ian (wait, what am I saying??). Must be those "voices" that Al is hearing.

Has our commissioner finally gone over the deep edge? Are those voices those of Amy Sellers who will soon be asking Al for wonderful and expensive Christmas presents next? Have all those hours watching Thomas the Train finally paid its price in sacrificing Al's sanity?
Most importantly, will anyone accept the Senator from Illinois' offer and pay 1300k for a 0 10 FW?? Looks like only 6 teams have the funds to go that high....Carl???
Robin (Ayers Rock) - Tuesday 11-15-05 17:59
Yes I want the 0/10 FW , but Al is trying to hike up the price so I won't have any money left for the 0/30GK in auction 6 !
Oli (C. Iceland) - Wednesday 11-16-05 10:03
Yes drive the prices up Al, I will be breaking the bank in the next auction so you have to bid high if you want a player, any player.
Tim (Zaragoza) - Wednesday 11-16-05 23:45
Last season we were starved for DFs, this season we're swimmin' in them!
Phil (Missouri) - Monday 11-21-05 23:54
Dang. We going to have to award eight party bonus rounds before Saturday just to have enough cash to get in the door of the auction!
Kyle (New England) - Thursday 11-24-05 23:18
Telepathy. Yup, that's the ticket.
Clive (Essex) - Friday 11-25-05 15:36
is there any law against telepathic slander?
Phil (Missouri) - Friday 11-25-05 23:09
The trouble is, most of the slander in MSWL is not slander...because it is either

a) True; or

b) Our characters are so poor that any further damage via slander is not possible!
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