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Morale Bonuses
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Kevin (Kirksville) - Friday 12-09-05 15:30
Did we make the change last season where the morale bonus kicks in at the end of the current competition? I ask because KIN's is sitting at .14, which is reflective of last season's:
8th place Div 1 finish - +0
3rd place MSWL Cup finish - +.10
Quarterfinalist AP Cup finish - +.04

This year's Cup win would push us to .25, which being a miserly manager I would welcome. Just wondering if that change is supposed to be happening or if you ended up deciding that the multiple columns for calculating morale just weren't working and I can expect the .15 for all next season instead of from here through the end of next season's AP Cup.

Oli (C. Iceland) - Friday 12-09-05 16:45
Mine is also wrong. I have 0.20 but should have less after AP cup play.
Tim (Zaragoza) - Saturday 12-10-05 1:08
Mine is wrong too. I have no bonus at all, and surely beating Steve was worth something? ;-)
Allan (Memphis) - Thursday 12-15-05 18:40
Let me take you through the genesis of this...

1. Idea suggested in Season 14 to give immediate bonuses to teams at the conclusion of each competition rather than wait for the following season. Commish stupidly agrees to do so knowing its a manual change and something he'll have to deal with manually until its automated.
2. Commish forgets to do this update after the league matches are played.
3. The rules do not get updated for S15 to try to do this. Two weeks ago Commish realizes the rules have and continue to have holes so commish requests 22 other managers to help (Phil is helping enough already). No one offers to help (yet).

So those are about all the facts I can think of here. I think I realized this was a "difficult to fully implement" rule as I thought more about it relative to league play. If you consider that by not playing the promotion playoff after the league and before the cup (which we are not going to do) results in a ?? for some teams on morale bonuses (potential promotion while others would have had their bonus in hand for the MSWL Cup).

Anyway, bottom line, I think it was probably a good, well intended idea in terms of getting the bonus after the compeition (and thus the "momentum" of being a champion or high finisher). But the application was 1) bungled by the busy commish and 2) not terribly fair to the 2nd div teams that "might" promote. So we'll stick with all morale bonuses taking effect at the beginning of the next season rather than the next competition.

Kevin (Kirksville) - Friday 12-16-05 9:54
Thanks for the clarification, Al. No complaints here with the executive decision and I'm working on the wife to let me spend more time playing with soccer leagues instead of working around the house to be able to do my part for the league as well. I'll let you know how that goes in the near future as I see if I get anything other than coal in my Christmas stocking this year...
Allan (Memphis) - Friday 12-16-05 16:58
LOL! Watch out for that coal Kevin. ;-)
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