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Repositioning ......... for good.
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Carl (Hollywood) - Sunday 01-29-06 14:56
I have recently bought a fantastic prospect who joined me as a midfielder. However my staff have been taking a look and he looks like a player better suited to a roll up front or even in defence. I have trawled the rules for how to change a players position in vane. Did we debate it once upon a time or have I missed the rule?
Phil (Missouri) - Saturday 02-04-06 0:43
Used to have the "re-qualification rule." If a player played OOP at a certain position often enough (eight times in one season, Clyde thinks), then he OOPs into a multi-position player including the new OOP'd postion. This might have been one of the "sweeping changes" implemented after MLB won the MSWL inaugural season championship...
Kevin (Kirksville) - Friday 02-10-06 11:15
Since apprentices can't play OOP that wouldn't help Carl anyway. Current rules only allow for MPP to become single-position, with no other switches possible. To the trade boards it is, eh?

Of course, you could toss the subject up the "rules committee" we now have as well to see what they think for about a possible change in season 16 or 17.

Phil (Missouri) - Sunday 02-12-06 19:43
Before we get on the bandwagon for change, please start with a review of why the rule as taken out of the books to begin with! :-)
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