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Relaxing or modification of sale rules.
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Graham (Barcelona) - Monday 01-30-06 12:41
I appreciate the need for a rule to restrict the sale of new players for a period of time.

However is there a way we could change the rules.

I have one player (Hao Sit-Dun) who I am unlikely to want to play again, but I cant offload him to a team where he might be useful as he has a number of games left to play.

In the interim I think I can probably sub him onto a couple of games for a few minutes to reduce his play counter.

How about a minimum number of appearances with a minimum of games too. With the first to expire being the trigger to open the window to allow resale?

As a simple example if the limits were 5 games to appear in or 10 games passed, if I had played him 5 times that would be fine, or if 10 games passed then that would be fine too (whether or not I had played them).

Just a thought


Kevin (Kirksville) - Friday 02-10-06 11:06
I'm definitely not opposed to a minor adjustment or two. I have two players I picked up in auctions LAST SEASON that I still can't offer in trades. One was an auctions oops I didn't mean to win (FW Spittlebug) and the other was an auction oops in that I didn't have enough TP to spread around (WG Fire Ant). A 2/10 FW and 1/9 WG could have at least minimal chance of getting a few bucks, and I'm sure by now that the whole "buy low, sell high" scheme is over given that it's been over an entire season since they joined the squad.

I like the minimum games played for a season, and my only request is that everyone be made available for trading after post-season aging (i.e. the off-season).

With regard to Graham's suggestion, if a minimum games of just being around were added, the number would have to be at least twice the number of games played to still be effective in enforcing the intent of the rule. With a minimum "games sat" at no less than 10, and more likely at 15 to do the rule justice, that will effectively mean the entire season. What I mean by that is unless a player is picked up in a trade during the group stages of the AP Cup, the 10 or 15 match waiting period will probably carry over past the mid-season aging mark (match 24) which is also the "no-more-player-trades" barrier for the season. Since a traded player only has to appear in 5 matches, if a manager can't get that many in by at least subbing late, what the heck were you trading for anyway?!? Erasing the matches appeared number with post-season aging would still be the best option.

Phil (Missouri) - Sunday 02-12-06 19:46
I'd favor leaving the rule as is, but allowing a "clean slate" for the off-season.
Graham (Barcelona) - Tuesday 02-14-06 6:44
Post season reduction by (for example) 10 games would be a good compromise IMHO. I'm also beginning to think that a simple games passed is not enough - perhaps games played or on the subs bench would be a better count? GMcD.
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