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Graham (Barcelona) - Saturday 02-04-06 15:38
I wondered if it might be possible to stick a set of league buttons at the top of the page that way when the rounders league gets started again theres a quick and easy switch between the two (and of course SESL too probably)


Andy (Barnsley) - Sunday 02-05-06 5:22
You could have them tailored to your login, so that you only get a button for the leagues you play in. If you're not logged in, you get no league buttons at all.
Allan (Memphis) - Sunday 02-05-06 17:45
Hey guys, good ideas if I can fit them in okay. Please put this on the task list for me. You won't believe it but I am in the process of a lot of changes lately...some of which will start showing up in MSWL.
Phil (Missouri) - Sunday 02-05-06 22:23
League buttons? I thought, seriously, that you all were thinking of making little "MSWL" buttons for our shirts!
Andy (Barnsley) - Tuesday 02-07-06 4:30
I could probably source those for you, but there would be a minimum order. Then there's the small matter of postage....
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