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Random Match Addtion
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Phil (Missouri) - Monday 02-13-06 0:14
Excellent addition with the random match commentary front and center on the front page! This is fun and ought to encourage more participation in match commentary. Thanks!
Graham (Barcelona) - Tuesday 02-14-06 6:45
Yes I agree - though I think describing them as "Select ...." rather than "Random ....." has a better ring to it.


Phil (Missouri) - Saturday 02-18-06 16:24
Well, if you're a dinosaur....
Tim (Zaragoza) - Sunday 02-19-06 2:13
Yeah, ZAR got up there on the coat-tails of BFC and SCO, and we consider ourselves select. We're the guy who manages to select every wrong answer on the multi-choice. maybe we should go random?
Kevin (Kirksville) - Sunday 02-19-06 15:05
C'mon, Tim. You know you always get screwed by the "random" number generator just as much as by the "select" methods. Besides, when was the last time that you really believe anything involving 'selections' (i.e. Cup draws) in this league was truly random, eh Al?

Ummmm... never mind that last comment. The KIN-GS-AYR-BOA grouping just got set for this season's MSWL Cup, didn't it? Dang my big mouth...

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