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T11 / T17
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Rob (Boston) - Saturday 02-18-06 11:30
Does anyone know how exactly T11 and T17 are calculated? Considering different teams will have SL distributed differently, I could imagine this could get complicated. Assuming the calculation does just look at the top 11 SL players - take a look at BOS, 2 of our top 3 players are GKs... obviously they both can't be included in either the T11 or the T17.

There's no real reason behind me asking this... I'm just curious.

Steve (Asteria) - Saturday 02-18-06 12:09
I've always took it to count both GKs.

I agree that T11 should only include 1 GK but that T17 should include the best 2 GK even if they aren't in T17 otherwise. This is simply because if you assume no injuries and normal aggressiveness you need 15 outfield players and 2 (OK 1.33) GK to keep overall EL from dropping.

Allan (Memphis) - Saturday 02-18-06 14:30
Okay here's the deal. It is simply done with the highest skill level as ordered in descending order. For the Top 11, I get 11, for the Top 17, I get 17. There's no additional formula to take into account the GKs involved. 

Andy (Barnsley) - Saturday 02-18-06 14:47
Aha. So T11 doesn't reflect the strongest team you can field. That explains a few things. I suppose T17 is a better reflection of squad strength, but still doesn't indicate the best team.
Phil (Missouri) - Saturday 02-18-06 16:22
Again, you can never have too many GK's.
Rob (Boston) - Sunday 02-19-06 9:20
That's quite interesting....

Al, if I could come up with a method for T11 to be calculated a bit "smartly" based on the players teams have, would you consider adding it?

Allan (Memphis) - Sunday 02-19-06 10:20
That's not a problem. Give me some pseudo-code for a design and I can go through it.
Kevin (Kirksville) - Sunday 02-19-06 15:39
Right. "Smartly" will end up meaning post-calculation additions of +1 to AYR, KIN, & GS T11/T17 scores, +2 to BOA's, and -2 to MP's scores so Al can continue to claim he's rebuilding while still ribbing Ian about the Under Achievers and setting up AYR, KIN, & GS as the teams to play dirty against all the time.

Come to think of it, that's probably what the code already has in it, so maybe Rob's formulas will help even things out and we'll be seeing the true stength of MP since they're always hanging around the top spots even with lower numbers... We here at KIN are aware of such tricks and are very fearful that our current lead over MP is entirely too small for comfort with half a season to go and a road match against them looming all-too-soon.

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