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I have to call out Alon for...
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Allan (Memphis) - Tuesday 04-18-06 18:13
I have to call out Alon for Gauteng not having a logo. Ian, can you add a note to the rules indicating that you MUST have a logo to be recognized as the Champion? Ian? You remember you are the rules chairman, right? Ian?
Paul (Bristol) - Friday 04-21-06 6:57
Nibbers have a logo. Can we be Champions instead?
Alon (Gauteng) - Friday 04-21-06 7:46
You are correct it is shabby that I dont have a logo but my computer skills are so bad that I cant generate one for myself.
Tim (Zaragoza) - Saturday 04-22-06 18:45
Do a Google images search for a likely picture. Stick in Gauteng and Shooters and see what you get.
Phil (Missouri) - Sunday 04-23-06 22:59
This coming from the man that brought you Willy the Rat?
Ian (Kendal) - Wednesday 04-26-06 20:29
I'm pretty sure Kirksville don't have a logo, does that make current 3rd place team BOA the inaugural 'must have a logo' MSWL champions? I'm sure no one knows this, but we actually do have a very popular logo which has come top of many "logo related" polls in the past.

Ok, and I can take the hint on the rules, I need to get back to you on that...

Allan (Memphis) - Friday 04-28-06 19:51 looks like the task of making a couple of clicks to access the Kirksville page and discover that KIN does IN FACT have a logo was a bit too daunting for the computer-challenged Mr. Lindsay (aka Rules Chair'person')...
Ian (Kendal) - Friday 04-28-06 21:16
I did look but the KIN logo was so bad compared to the BOA logo that I still felt justified. I stand by the original post!

Allan (Memphis) - Saturday 04-29-06 6:06
Okay so BOA will be in the same group with KIN I guess then. Anyone else you want in there Ian? GS?
Phil (Missouri) - Saturday 04-29-06 17:24
Perhaps you could put a picture of me under the current BOA logo. As the inaugural season champion, you might say that my photo added underneath would then actually make it "British OVER Achiever".
Ian (Kendal) - Saturday 04-29-06 23:54
Al: Gimme NYT and MCR and I'll be happy. Although perhaps the 4-0 thumping of KIN is enough for 1 season, I don't really fancy playing them again.

Phil: We admit to being in awe at your inaugural season championship victory, we will even wish you luck in winning another one next year, during your inaugural season in division 2. :)

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