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Oli (C. Iceland) - Thursday 06-08-06 7:00
I also have an idea that calculates what team is on form. A page that would tell us what team is on form looking at the result from the last xx games. The number could be a anything from the last 6 games and to last 100 games. When I do my predictions in real life I like at those tables, and it could add some spice to our league.
Tim (Zaragoza) - Thursday 06-08-06 20:30
The old Olmec prints out the form in the txt report, so possibly the queries necessary are still in function?
Allan (Memphis) - Tuesday 06-13-06 17:21
That's a good idea Oli. Put that on the task list for me and I could probably put something together in the off-season if I get time.
Oli (C. Iceland) - Tuesday 06-13-06 20:50
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