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Allan (Memphis) - Tuesday 06-13-06 17:10
English players and SOME of them with long sleeves and others with short sleeves? I mean c'mon WHAT'S the deal? Are you cooler with long sleeves? Does it mean you are old with long sleeves? Would Nicky Butt wear long sleeves?
Ian (Kendal) - Tuesday 06-13-06 17:29
Simple. some were scared of getting a bit hot in the heat, they wore short sleeves. Others were scared of being sunburnt, they wore long sleeves. All were scared of Paraguay, however.

OK, so Nicky Butt playing for the team is hardly our finest hour, but I'd wager 10 of your slightly worthless American Dollars that he would play better at left-back than Eddie Lewis. I mean, WTF? W-T-F? Why on earth was he playin there?
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