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I need to call out...
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Allan (Memphis) - Tuesday 06-13-06 17:20
England for "scoring" on an own goal. I've petitioned Sepp Blatter (what kind of name is "Sepp") to list England as 0 goals for and 0 against. I'm waiting for a response...
Ian (Kendal) - Tuesday 06-13-06 17:25
USA scored 0 conceded 3. No petition needed.

Happy with that?
Ian (Kendal) - Tuesday 06-13-06 17:26
Probably such poor defending due to Eddie Lewis having to play left-back. I mean WTF? W-T-F? Why is he playing there, he's a winger for goodness sake, and a good one.
Allan (Memphis) - Tuesday 06-13-06 17:29
Well according to Steve Turner the USA players don't know know how to cheat. Steve says:

USA players need to learn how to cheat before they will get anywhere. You know, scream like a girl when fouled, writhe on the floor as if they've broken a leg and then get stretchered off. Then come back on after 3 minutes and be able to run 100m in 10 seconds. I never saw a USA player dive, or do anything else that pisses me off when watching soccer. Maybe it's because those kind of tactics would never work in American Football, Ice Hockey or Baseball.

Is there a cheating school in England where we could send our players? Perhaps you have a contact Ian?
Ian (Kendal) - Tuesday 06-13-06 17:39
No wonder Steve's team did so well against BOA/GS if Steve is buttering Al up with comments like that. Who ever said Mr Sellers wasn't corrupt?

If you want a good cheating school look no further than the Sellers residence. He's sending me messages saying he knows I'm going to play 11 players aggressive against him in our upcoming how would he know that unless he'd looked at my lineups...hmmm...

Allan (Memphis) - Tuesday 06-13-06 17:40
Yeah, but did you know Ian that I also knew all of your team would wear long sleeves too?
Ian (Kendal) - Tuesday 06-13-06 17:47
I hope you have enough stretchers ready, your players are going to need them.
Allan (Memphis) - Tuesday 06-13-06 18:13
I guess the bottom line is...will Steve Turner enjoy watching our match?
Robin (Ayers Rock) - Tuesday 06-13-06 18:56
The Cheating schools are based mostly in Sth America , Italy and Spain.

Fortunately we in the UK are above that and don't cheat !

Stiff upper lip and all that > except when Owen dived for a penalty >oops
Graham (Barcelona) - Wednesday 06-14-06 16:02
Did you not watch Owen drop like a sack of spuds in the last championship miraculously in the 18 yard box when a defender looked at him sternly? GMcD.
Ian (Kendal) - Saturday 06-17-06 20:35
I need to call out the USA for "scoring" on an own goal. I've petitioned Sepp Blatter (what kind of name is "Sepp") to list the USA as 0 goals for and 4 against. I'm waiting for a response...

I love irony, I really do...

Andy (Barnsley) - Wednesday 06-21-06 1:44
Yes, Ian, but according to the stereotype, the irony is wasted on the people you are trying to reach....
Allan (Memphis) - Wednesday 06-21-06 17:07
:-) Yeah Ian kind of got me there Andy.

Its "interesting" though hearing England fans (and we get portions of "Sky Sports") essentially 'complain' (in particular in games 1-2) about "how bad they played". They won...didn't they?

Now that we VERY MUCH have in common in terms of certain teams/people (St. Louis Rams 'american football' fans immediately come to mind) over a sense of 'entitlement' that their team should always win, win by a lot, and LOOK GOOD doing so...

I will call out...and this is shameless I know...that I REALLY LIKED the England RED Jersey from Inglaterra y Suecia. Especially the long-sleeved version. Hint hint...
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