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8 Weeks of European Vacation
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Allan (Memphis) - Wednesday 08-02-06 19:31
I'm sure many of my European colleagues won't be able to respond to my query. You guys are starting your 8-week vacations now, right?

(bitter in St. Louis)
Graham (Barcelona) - Thursday 08-03-06 10:48
dont know about 8 week vacations, but the schools have been out here since the end of June.

I will say that my new job gives me all the bank holidays and 5 weeks (25 days) holiday a year, with an extra day per year after the first five years) up to a max of 30 days.

In the current one I got 232 hours holiday a year (dont ask) and in an 8 hour day that worked out at 24 days, and I didnt get the bank holidays either.

Combine that with a 10-15% payrise, larger company pension payments, shorter hours and a new shiny job in near-cutting edge telecoms and I cant think why I stayed here as long as this.....


Graham (Barcelona) - Thursday 08-03-06 10:49
oops my maths is terrible 232 is 29 days - but still no bank holidays.
Andy (Barnsley) - Thursday 08-03-06 13:22
Eight-week vacations? Well, the kids round here get five weeks, starting 25th July. It seems more like eight months, though. :o( Still, two things to look forward to in September:

1. Kids go back to school
2. Resumption of MSWL will be nigh! :o)

What a great month!

Tim (Zaragoza) - Thursday 08-03-06 22:36
yeah, you guys seem to have a bank holiday at least once a month. Obviously working in a bank would be a good idea!
Andy (Barnsley) - Saturday 08-05-06 4:02
Once a month? You must be confusing us with those fragrant guys across the English Channel. ;o) By comparison, we have very few. After one later this month, we have none until Christmas, when three of our meagre quota come along in close succession, then none until Easter.

Hey, wait a minute! A quick scan of the internet shows that those guys in New Zealand get more public holidays than us hard workers in England, Wales & Scotland. The place to live round here is Northern Ireland, where they get close to one per month. Lots of invigorating walks during the summer months as well, I understand....

Allan (Memphis) - Sunday 08-06-06 18:01
Okay, I think my instigation may have started a Barnsley-Zaragoza rivalry, so at least something came to it. :-)

I guess I've learned that I should move to New Zealand?
Andy (Barnsley) - Thursday 08-10-06 6:21
BAR-ZAR rivalry? Heaven forfend!

Tim's advice and encouragement have been invaluable so far, so it will take more than public holiday envy to make us rivals.

Then, of course, being rivals implies parity, or at least comparability. Take a look at our squads and you'll see that we ain't rivals, not by a long way. :o(

Still, we may be in the gutter, but we are looking at the stars. :o)

Rob (Boston) - Sunday 08-13-06 18:07
Are you calling me out Andy? Is this a challenge - "... we are looking at the Stars". =)
Allan (Memphis) - Sunday 08-13-06 18:10
Yes, Rob, I believe Andy is calling you out.
Tim (Zaragoza) - Wednesday 08-16-06 16:01
We might get more public holidays, but we get less annual leave, so it all evens up. Unless, like us, you are self employed, in which case you can take a holiday whenever you like... you just don't get paid! And public holidays are a forced halt in income. But you get to decide what you want to do. :-)
Andy (Barnsley) - Thursday 08-17-06 9:43
But surely the quality of life is so good in NZ that every day is like a holiday?

As for calling Rob out, maybe we're just looking at the Stars as an example of what is possible. Beyond that, just re-read my thoughts on rivalry to see that we're not likely to have any rivals for a long time, except maybe the Tigers.

Steve (Asteria) - Thursday 08-17-06 16:03
You should try Italy, which closes in August.

OK, it isn't that bad but mnay shops close from 2 to 4 weeks for annual holidays and last week, this week and next week the local bus company is running a Saturday service every day, except last Tuesday when it ran a Sunday service. I think it was a bank holiday - the firework display in Padova was certainly spectacular.

You get less than 28 days annual leave then, Tim? That's all holidays.

Tim (Zaragoza) - Saturday 08-19-06 0:05
Hell, I got 2 days off for the first time in 7 years a couple of months ago. Amazingly great! :-D Nicked off with the wife for a naughty weekend in Rotorua while the grandparents looked after the kids. Every other holiday I take my work with me. Er, I mean, my kids. ;-)
Kevin (Kirksville) - Tuesday 09-12-06 14:42
Having been to Rotorua, I'd say every weekend there is "naughty" - in a grade school humor kind of way. Are you just immune to that smell from the sulfer springs there or do you Kiwis somehow find it alluring and irresistable?
Tim (Zaragoza) - Tuesday 09-12-06 21:02

Errr... no comment? To get the very wonderful hot springs you sort of have to put up with the not so wonderful... aroma. A Beagle would love it, though!

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