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Strategy vs Tactics
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Tim (Zaragoza) - Thursday 08-03-06 22:53

In the immortal words of Richard Mosher, this game appears tactical, but is actually strategic. At which point Jay is already typing, "WTF?!". :-)

I noticed Andy's comments on the tactics, and people mostly playing N, and having a weak team, etc. Strategy - how you build your team. Nothing beats a strong team. The single most important aspect of the game is to have a plan to build your team, and to do that you have to focus on a tactic. Tactic - how you play your team. It doesn't matter what tactic you play, it can't compensate for a crap team. But when teams are nearly equal, that's when tactics make the difference. But what tactic you plan to play alters how you will concentrate your SL when building your team... and we're back to strategy. :-)

If the tactical changes had made a significant and noticeable difference in league play in half a season, (like weak N teams beating strong L teams) that would be a worry. The bail out to N just means that managers are taking the middle ground while they see which direction the crap is flying. Teams that were structured around L will be best served to keep on playing that. Teams that weren't can shift back to the N they were playing until they noticed that L was kicking their butt. And those who like to experiment can play with the other tactics. :-)

Steve (Asteria) - Friday 08-04-06 1:56
One reason teams played N all the time in SESL was because SET was abolished and their SET was transferd to OTF. All but 2 teams had an OTF of 10. I used L perhaps twice and that was because I had a weak midfield anyway and playing 4-2-4 with 2 WG still got me in the 2:1 rule.

I actually took a leaf out of Alon's book and played P quite a lot.

This season (in SESL) OTF is reduced and I think we'll see a lot of teams not bothering with it and so more L will appear.

The observant among you may have noticed that Asteria's OTF went up to 10 last season in preparation for the new rule.

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