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Real-Life: Injuries
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Allan (Memphis) - Saturday 09-16-06 7:03
Does anyone know of any sites or statistics (say on the Premiership but it could just as well be another national league) for injuries? I'm interested in:

1) Frequency (with a team of x players how often do injuries occur)
2) Types (what are the common, but also perhaps bizarre, types of injuries that occur)
3) Length (how long are players out for due to a given injury...which probably ties into the type of injury in #2 above)...

I'm looking to get more info on this for some future modifications.

Steve (Asteria) - Saturday 09-16-06 13:44
Al, take a look at these to see if they are the kind of thing you want. has some stats of injuries in general has some stats on ankle injuries

Steve (Asteria) - Sunday 09-17-06 5:58
Not saying it can't be found - but I found this which has loads of data but as yet I've found nothing htere about injuries.

I did read somewhere about someone getting a lacerated liver and another getting a ruptured colon when playing soccer.

Tim (Zaragoza) - Wednesday 09-20-06 3:58

Nasty one that happened in a local game; guy went up for a header uncontested and came down on another player's head, driving his nose up into his skull and leaving him unconsious and fitting on the field. Fortunately just across the road from the hospital. Thinking about it still bothers the unfortunate guy who's head was in the way.

Andy (Barnsley) - Wednesday 09-20-06 5:20
How about this site?

I came across this one while playing fantasy football a few seasons ago. I'm not sure if they provide exactly what you're looking for, but you might be able to develop something from what they do offer.

Allan (Memphis) - Wednesday 09-20-06 5:44
Thanks Steve and Andy for those. Mental note...never go up for a header against Tim or be anywhere near Tim when he's going up for a header. :-)
Mark (Scotland) - Monday 08-13-07 7:55
I watched the opening weekend of the English Premier League the last couple of days, and from matches I saw highlights of, these were the BIG injuries I noticed:

Fulham - GK injured while warming up before kick off
Chelsea - Michael Essien - knee injury
Man Utd - Wayne Rooney - fractured foot, 8 weeks out
Blackburn - Benni McCarthy - head injury taken straight to hospital
Bolton - Kevin Davis - torm hamstring, 6 weeks out
Bolton - Ricardo Vaz Te - foot injury

There were other minor injuries that resulted in substitutions, and these would be equivalent to -4EL type injuries in MSWL.

So on average, on this evidence of 20 teams in EPL playing over this last weekend, if we exclude the Fulham GK pre-match, there is a 25% (5 out of 20)chance a team would get a BIG injury in each match.

For minor -4EL type groin strains in MSWL, when compared to real life, I'd think there would be a 50/50 chance of a player picking up a slight knock and having to be substituted.

However, a glance at any EPL real-life squad, will show every team has players currently injured, and some with 6 or 7 players with injuries lasting several weeks or more.

England international team currently have about HALF their normal 1st team squad out injured. More than random -4EL type injury as well: including Terry, Woodgate, King, Neville, Bridge, Rooney, Owen. And ofcourse David Beckham, yet to start a game in MLS due to injury.

For MSWL, the rosters are smaller than real-life, plus greater squad rotation is required in MSWL to manage EL already. So while we do not want to see loads of injuries in MSWL, I think its fair to say random injuries are a big part of real-life modern day soccer.

Kevin (Kirksville) - Monday 08-20-07 14:24
Nice post, Mark.
Mark (Scotland) - Sunday 09-09-07 17:32
While MSWL and real-life soccer will never be the same, I got a 'random injury' today playing soccer with my 3 year old!

Equivalent to -4EL type injuries in MSWL, so I'm OK.

Back to my work on Monday then!

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