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Allan (Memphis) - Saturday 10-07-06 18:01
Its painfully clear from the stats that Kirksville will win the 1st Division this season (best Top-17) and (there should be no surprises) Graham McDermott's Barca FC will take the 2nd Division crown.

Oh yeah, and I want to take this opportunity to call out Dave Dowson. Erm...when I think of what I'm calling him out for I will post a follow-up.

Mr. S
Graham (Barcelona) - Sunday 10-08-06 5:32
I think Barca will probably do well this season - but I doubt we'll win it.

While we do have a good T17, we dont have the stars and in the main all our squad is getting on a bit, so mid-season aging will hit us and unless we put out a number of apprentices we wont have any squad to speak of in the next season or two.

So to my mind I'll probably finish top 6, but finishing first will be a stretch with the number of youngsters we'll have to train.


Tim (Zaragoza) - Sunday 10-08-06 20:01

ZAR is in the middle of the pack on T17, but 2nd on T11. Should make things interesting. Still, if Barca doesn't want it, I would be willing to accept the title, just to help Graham out.

Phil (Missouri) - Sunday 10-08-06 21:18
Agreed. KIN is the HEAVY favorite to snake the title this season. Everyone else is in rebuilding mode.
Phil (Missouri) - Sunday 10-08-06 21:19
Agreed. KIN is the HEAVY favorite to snake the title this season. Everyone else is in rebuilding mode.
Steve (Asteria) - Monday 10-09-06 18:54
Last in T17 and only one side is siginificantly older (and that's after reducing our squad to 18), so things looking bleak. But we're 5th in T11 and have nearly 2000k to spend after buying our CP. This year I won't make the mistake of not getting any auction purchases.
Rob (Boston) - Monday 10-09-06 19:21
BOS is last in T11, T17... you name it, we're either last in D1 or damn close to it. It's going to be quite a struggle to avoid getting sent straight back down to D2
Tim (Zaragoza) - Tuesday 10-10-06 19:29

Haha. And you thought Graham was just having a bad run. Nope - he's a canny bugger!

Phil (Missouri) - Wednesday 10-11-06 22:06
No fear, BOS Rob. MLB will be there to boost you off the tail of the table!

And Steve, all the Season 16 auctions have passed. You missed them? Oooo. No need to check auction pages from here on out. No need. Waste of time. (Come on, everyone, play along...if everyone says it enough.....)

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