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Peter Shilton's SL
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Allan (Memphis) - Thursday 10-26-06 16:46
So I get this email from Dancin' Dave Dowson today...

Dave is now petitioning the Commissioner's office to automatically raise the SL of Bulldog GK Peter Shilton by 25%.

Dave is making the case that essentially Shilton's teeth have their own SL and should be considered in the overall SL total.

Do you guys feel Dave has a point or can I chalk this up to just another bizarre email from Budvar Dave?

Your Humble Commissioner
Paul (Bristol) - Thursday 10-26-06 17:17
Not sure about his teeth, but his springy hair has to be worth an SL or two? In any case, given the performance of 0/7 Isaac Asimov against MP, why does Dave need any more help in the GK department?

I must have a word with young Isaac, as I only sold him to Dave as he was supposed to accidentally let in a few at crucial moments. Mind you, I'm sure Peter Beardsley, who came the other way, wasn't under orders to stick two past BOA.
Steve (Asteria) - Friday 10-27-06 1:53
I don't mind Shilton's SL being increased by 25% but his chance of stopping a penalty has to be 0%. I never saw him stop one. When the World Cup was on in 1990 and it came to penalties against West Germany, I wasn't actually watching the match but supporting my wife in her darts match. It came through from the other room in the pub that it had gone to penalties and one bloke said we had a chance because Shilts was in goal.

I knew better of course.

Paul (Bristol) - Friday 10-27-06 10:08
Hang on, England were playing West Germany in the semi-finals of the World Cup, and you were doing WHAT?

This beats my workmate who missed his beloved Middlesbro in the QF of the UEFA Cup because his partner was on the phone to her sister.
Steve (Asteria) - Friday 10-27-06 11:24
I was supporting my girlfriend (I said wife but we weren't married at the time) who I'd only been living with for about 5 months. I was 31, she was 21 and was hot and also carrying my child. We were so in love. Anyway I knew we would lose.

The rest of the darts team weren't bad either :-)

But things change and she is no longer my wife nor hot.

Now, I know better of course.

Dave (British Bull-Dogs) - Friday 10-27-06 12:23
Hey Paul of course Peter Beardsley was instructed to score against Doctor Lindsays Over Inflated ego Boys . I told him to score a hat trick! ..not two!~ )) PS : Al I truly could not give a toss about Peter Shiltons skill level he is now expendable , hang on I might get few extra quid for him so go on boost him up !
Paul (Bristol) - Friday 10-27-06 14:06
Now I understand. Actually, I instructed Isaac to play a blinder against MP, but to spend lots of time waving to his mother in the crowd for the next match when BBD visit BN.

Steve - If love, the future of your genes, and fantasising about the ladies darts team changing rooms was enough to prevent you from watching the game then I, er, see what you mean.
Allan (Memphis) - Saturday 10-28-06 18:30
Hi guys,

Actually I was just making up that email that Dave sent. He really didn't. Or maybe he thinks he did. ;-)

I liked Paul's spring hair EL suggestion. Speaking of Paul, did you know "Paul Butterworth" is in the credits of the Sci Fi show Farscape? I watch the DVDs while I'm working out in the morning and I keep noticing "Paul" in the credits. Paul are you (were you) working on the show or is this the SESL Paul Butterworth. OR is Paul Butterworth like a "John Smith" type of name?

In all fairness about Shilton never stopping a PK...I mean "is there an England keeper who has"?

I like how Dave "writes off" Shilton as his GK. That must make "Pistol Pete" feel good when he's in goal for BBD. Truly some unfortunate remarks there by Dave.

Paul (Bristol) - Sunday 10-29-06 4:22
Oddly enough, just the other day I was looking at a site that (supposedly) tells you how many people in the US share your name -

In my case the answer's '20'. I just wish they wouldn't spend their time running around apparently publicly doing things that sound much more exciting than what I'm doing.
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