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How Much Are Ian And Steve Paying...
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Allan (Memphis) - Thursday 12-07-06 12:37
How much will Ian and Steve be paying for that 0/9 MF. I know the player will be of interest to Ian because the player is not a DF.

Recently I was chatting with Ian about a DF player I had and Ian said..."what's a DF player?".

Surely 1300k will be required to get this player?
Ian (Kendal) - Thursday 12-07-06 14:16
It's quite lucky no one reads the notebook or they would now know I'm after the 0/9 MF...

Some of the older MSWL managers may remember the last time Al made sure I overpaid in this manner for count em' 2 age 0 players in the same auction.

The moral of the story - don't speak to Al.

Seriously, just don't.
Steve (Asteria) - Thursday 12-07-06 14:25
I won't pay a penny over 999k.
Ian (Kendal) - Thursday 12-07-06 14:33
Hmmm, 999k, sounds interesting Steve. Don't tell Al though or before long everyone will know.
Allan (Memphis) - Thursday 12-07-06 17:49
Ian, you aren't taking the bait on my "What's a DF?" comment?

Seriously though we look forward to the thumping we plan to give BUA on Saturday. We will be employing the 90 minute stall technique which garnered us a 5-4 win a couple seasons back...
Ian (Kendal) - Thursday 12-07-06 19:38
You are free to play your best 11 against us, and if you beat us, fine. We would like to put a stronger team out but I'm afraid we need our EL for games against our championship rivals such as KIN, GS and AYR. Apologies, but when we have squads such as theirs to contend with our resources are stretched to the limit, we have very little EL left for tackling relegation threated teams such as the Pharoahs.


Note: I already realise I'm going to regret saying this later...
Allan (Memphis) - Saturday 12-09-06 7:16
First off, welcome back Ian. I'm glad that your lack of internet access for the past 3 months has now been "sorted".

Yes it will be 11 dirty except for the FWs that you may try to mark. Though with your "what's a DF" moniker that probably won't happen. We'll play the FWs at 'a' just in case you elect to mark. What's marking? Uh-oh...I would have hoped you would have seen that in the rules? What are the rules? Uh oh...
Phil (Missouri) - Sunday 12-10-06 18:43
Ian has my copy of the rules.
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