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A Shout Out To Rob Boeck...
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Allan (Memphis) - Saturday 12-16-06 17:03
Hi guys,

I just wanted to take a second to thank Rob Boeck of REA fame. Rob has provided me with a lot of samples and ideas and without those I probably would have never gotten the MSWL software and website to where it is today.

Thanks Rob!

Phil (Missouri) - Saturday 12-16-06 22:26
Rob provided a lot of samples? I didn't realize drug testing had been implemented.

True, though, we should have restrictions in place to prevent managers from gaining an unfair advantage. This this is a mental game, any activity that tends to make you smarter should be governed. For instance, Kevin Martin enhances his brain power by doing crosswords. Outlawed. Reading the "word power" quiz in Reader's Digest? Banned. Robin staying sober for a week would increase his mental faculties: axed. (A sigh of relief is heard from AYRville.
Graham (Barcelona) - Tuesday 12-26-06 20:01
Dang - do I get disqualified for doing the Daily "Hate" Mail Sudoko Hard one in 10 minutes?


Phil (Missouri) - Saturday 12-30-06 18:44
Nobody has ever accused Graham of too much brainpower...
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