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Trade List Enhancement
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Paul (Bristol) - Wednesday 01-17-07 14:00
It occurred to me during the recent BN trades flurry that it would be a good enhancement if the trade proposal / confirm / reject / change type dialogue would benefit from the ability to add a comment at each stage.

This seems fairly straightforward to implement (says me, who won't be doing it), but it would replace what's lost with the old email to and fro - the ability to explain an offer, indicate whether a rejection means 'not at any price' or just 'not at that price' etc.
Phil (Missouri) - Wednesday 01-17-07 21:31
I agree with Paul. In fact, I just sent him a note. Check your e-mail, my friend.

Willy (Montevideo) - Thursday 01-18-07 10:56
Since we are on the trade list, I agree with this and just want to point out that the Trade list info on the main MSWL page is not updated...
Paul (Bristol) - Friday 08-10-07 19:12
Is it rude to nudge this up, seeing as enhancements are on the agenda?
Allan (Memphis) - Saturday 08-11-07 16:31
I cannot believe HOW RUDE Paul is!!! Seriously Paul, I think I still have the sample you sent me on my desktop. Its something I will try to look at this season.
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