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Fran (Liverpool) - Tuesday 01-30-07 15:04
A thing that I believe that I add to the web, is a seeker of players.. that players could look, according to your position, for age, Sl .... this way as also some tables with the statistics of the players of every division (maximum scorers, GK fewer goaling). Also I add a few tables, where it will appear, the palmares and the curriculum of every trainer (teams, that he trained, won cups, prizes of the year ......). Regards, Fran!!!!
Paul (Bristol) - Wednesday 01-31-07 18:22
I very much like calling any future MSWL Player Search the Seeker Of Players - gives it a nice 'ghost in the machine' type feel.

Coach awards history also great, although sadly the Nibbers entry would be somewhat minimal.
Graham (Barcelona) - Tuesday 02-06-07 6:08
A little like these pages?

Or something else altogether?


Paul (Bristol) - Tuesday 02-06-07 10:41
I don't want to put words in Fran's mouth, but I understood him to mean a player search engine, such that it's possible to input various criteria (position, max age, min SL, max PU etc.) hit 'search' and then get back a list of current league players matching.

An awards history would be the, er, history or awards - including titles etc, rather than just current standings of some of the player awards.
Fran (Liverpool) - Tuesday 02-06-07 12:41
Paul, better you might not have said it ... thank you!!!
Rob (Boston) - Friday 03-02-07 14:17
This is also something that we have in PSFA. It has been VERY useful. There are several great benefits, including:
  • It allows you to see your players in comparison with the rest of the league. For example, you can search on all FWs (the search would automatically include MAs and UTs as they qualify for FW). The result could sort by SL and you'd be able to see how many players in the league have a higher/lower SL.
  • It allows you to target players in the transfer market. You may be looking for a player and have posted to the XFer list that you want an SL20+ FW. Another manager may have such a player but isn't thinking about selling/trading so they don't contact you. With a search, you would see this player and you would then be able make an offer to the manager. If your offer is good enough, he might find himself trading a player that he had no intentions of trading!

Once I have access to the data on my old laptop, I'll pull the code for this (I believe that PaulB actually wrote it originally!).

Paul (Bristol) - Sunday 03-04-07 15:49
Rob's right about the usefulness of the search facility, but I'm not sure that I can claim credit - can't remember exactly, but I suspect that this was one of the parts of the site that original Commish Tel wrote (the give-away is that it works).
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