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Willy (Montevideo) - Saturday 11-10-07 17:21
I know we touched this before but I want to state again that I think there should be a consolation round in the Alan Parr Cup!!! The teams that are out are already the weaker and now loose opportunity to et income and train players...
Phil (Missouri) - Saturday 11-10-07 22:44
But Willy, if we have consolation matches, how will the rich get richer?

P.S. See you at the KC-Denver game tomorrow?
Willy (Montevideo) - Sunday 11-11-07 0:43
I'd love to watch that game... but they carry the Colts/Bengals/Steelers/Packers in this area...
Willy (Montevideo) - Sunday 11-11-07 15:21
Ok, now both the Broncos and the Chiefs are under .500

What a season... :S

Andy (Barnsley) - Monday 11-12-07 8:42
How will the rich get richer? I can't even spend my money any more. Personally, though, I'd rather have the chance to train/coach players than sit around adding to the Blog/Journal/Notebook.

For me, it's more about the weak getting weaker, relatively. That involves others using their CP/TP while I wait a few rounds for my next chance to lose.

David (Stockholm) - Tuesday 11-13-07 3:06
It is a pity that teams who have no match to play could not still be allowed to do a mininum 1 CP and 1 TP training. On a game day would it be difficult to let teams pick a "bogus" team to play nobody so to speak, but in the Tactics page they could train 2 players?

No doubt this would be a problem as then all their players would get a +4 EL boost by not playing, but maybe not an insurmountable one.

Jay Patrick (New York) - Tuesday 11-13-07 18:51
I've been saying this for years. Glad to have some company.
As we sit here typing, the already superior teams are extending their superiority by accumulating more resources playing games they get to play by being superior.
And so the vicious cycle goes...but I think I've been told that's how international football leagues tend to work. No?
Even if so, is that how we want things to work? I'll live either way, but does it seem...hmmm...excessively tough on sub-par teams? I dunno. Just asking.
Robin (Ayers Rock) - Tuesday 11-13-07 19:36
Ah yes, but remember that those teams still in the cup are now having to push their players to the limit , possibly risking injury and even with that 5 EL at the end will probably start with LESS EL than those unfortunates who have dropped out already.

Also it would make it very similar to the end of season cup and we really need to have different cups.

Willy (Montevideo) - Tuesday 11-13-07 19:37
There you go... For the ones that said that Jay Patrick and I have nothing in common!!! ;)
Ian (Kendal) - Tuesday 11-13-07 20:38
I can see some of the points being made here but I would still happily trade a couple of extra games in the AP cup for one of the draftpicks the 2nd div (e.g. the supposedly weaker) teams get each season.

On the wider issue of the rich getting richer. Many if not most people agree the key to a successful team is the T17 stat, and the strongest T17 in the league is currently AK of the 2nd division. If T11 strength is more your thing then AK and ZAR are 3rd and 5th respectively in this stat. These two managers prove that being in the 2nd division isn't a barrier to building a good team.

It does seem a shame though that managers eliminated from the competition have to sit around while the teams still involved carry on playing. Does anyone have any idea how we'd change this though without making the AP cup an exact copy of the main MSWL cup?

BOA, richer still through participation bonus
Robin (Ayers Rock) - Tuesday 11-13-07 21:16
What a brilliant suggestion Ian , The Al Sellers consolation cup for the losers.

Run on a par with the AP cup for all those losers , at least they would get 1 more game , Al would get HIS NAME IN LIGHTS and being a loser he would be in it most seasons :)

Ian (Kendal) - Tuesday 11-13-07 21:45
I like it Robin. The Al Sellers consolation cup - especially for teams like MP that are rebuilding! I haven't heard such a great idea for a name since someone proposed the Phil McIntosh blowout rule, but that's another story. BOA
Ian (Kendal) - Tuesday 11-13-07 21:48
But can I ask...where was it my suggestion to call it the Al Sellers consolation cup? As far as i can see that was your idea, and I think Olmec will be angry with you. I hope you can spell "relegation" muhahaha...
Willy (Montevideo) - Tuesday 11-13-07 22:30
See? We could be helping our poor teams get better (other than participation bonus...) right now instead of just blog our anxiety out...

So... if AK and ZAR are so much better how do we explain MT in Div 1 again...???


Steve (Asteria) - Wednesday 11-14-07 7:30
Luck ;-)
Steve (Asteria) - Wednesday 11-14-07 8:43
of course the better managers seem to have the best luck over a season.
Phil (Missouri) - Thursday 11-15-07 0:00
Ian almost earned some participation points...until that last comment.
Rob (Boston) - Thursday 11-15-07 15:19
I had an idea here.. what if we allowed teams knocked out after group play to schedule 2 Friendlies. Any team knocked out after the group round would be allowed to schedule 1 friendly. Teams allowed to play in 2 friendlies would be restricted only 1 home match. All match revenue and TP/CP would be allowed to be used.


Allan (Memphis) - Thursday 11-15-07 18:42
Ideas like Rob's are great...but we have no facility right now for "friendlys". Perhaps the new Olmec Jaguar can include that sort of thing.

Boy you guys are really whining this season I mean its been like ONE WEEK since group play ended. Get a beer, take a deep breath!! :-)

Can you imagine having to play in a postal league where you had to wait two weeks between sessions?

Phil! I feel another M$WL email coming on...

Dave (British Bull-Dogs) - Thursday 11-15-07 19:16
"Get a beer, take a deep breath!!" :-) Cheers Al thats the most sensible thing said in this topic! Im out of Cup ..I aint moaning ! YadaYadaYada
Willy (Montevideo) - Thursday 11-15-07 22:29
Ok, as the starter of this instance of this topic I feel responsible for replying to Al's "hush, whinner...!" message...

The spirit here was to make the league even better, all constructive criticism... This may help MP in at least having 1 "non-rebuilding" season every 23 or 24 seasons... ;)

Phil (Missouri) - Friday 11-16-07 17:17
Ah, the postal leagues were GREAT!!! I remember actually faxing lineups once. :-) You'd write out your lineups AND your press by hand and just send it to Al in an e-mail. It was also proper on occasion to slip Al some postage money. Then you waited for, like, an eternity, to get your results. They came in what seemed like a package of papers, and your press was all typed up. That was cool. Let's do that again.
Phil (Missouri) - Friday 11-16-07 17:17
I said "e-mail" but meant "snail mail" above.
Allan (Memphis) - Saturday 11-17-07 8:19
Um, no Phil, we won't be going back to that. But seriously, no Willy I wasn't annoyed, so don't worry about that. As far as doing something different, I mean there's always going back to how we used to do it, which folks didn't seem to like in this league, where the AP Cup was played while the league was also occurring.

What I'm REALLY OUTRAGED about though is how Phil has brought up the "M$WL" and not talked in detail about it. :-)

Phil (Missouri) - Saturday 11-17-07 9:57
I am going to milk this for all the party bonus points that I can....
Andy (Barnsley) - Saturday 11-17-07 13:24
I'm not sure "bonus" is the word Al is thinking of. Better cut to the chase.
Phil (Missouri) - Sunday 11-18-07 0:10
For Al, being "REALLY OUTRAGED" is a bonus....
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