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2:1 Rule
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Steve (Asteria) - Sunday 01-06-08 5:24
I have just sent an e-mail to John at Essex about the 2:1 rule (he was penalised by it in the game vs AK).

Why don't sweepers count?

The way I see it the 2:1 rule is there so that defenders can play the ball up to midfield and midfield to forwards (although I know it's really there for team balance) but when your team has the ball in defence the sweeper is at least just as likely to play the ball forward.

When Nottingham Forest were at their best (30 years ago) they played with a sweeper, Kenny Burns, and he was one of the best players with the ball. Burns won the fans' player of the season in 1977-78 when Forest won the league.

Dave (British Bull-Dogs) - Sunday 01-06-08 10:34
And they had the BEST FOOTBALL MANAGER EVER! Brian Clough ! If only the FA had the Balls to have given him the England job!
Tim (Zaragoza) - Sunday 01-06-08 16:16

One useful thing about SWs not counting is that a team that builds a monster MF can't really afford to play a SW. This means a BC team, which gets the most bonuses against tactics that suffer the most against a SW, doesn't get a double whammy.

Ian (Kendal) - Sunday 01-06-08 19:08
Interesting point Tim, maybe Ball Control needs a bit of strengthening though, it's not like it ever gets used much. Not to say it can't be used though...I don't know who remembers Athol Kay and his original FLAT league, but Athol's team in that league was amazingly strong as a BC team. So why do more people not use it?

To answer Steve's original point though: I thought that SWs already did count towards the 2:1 rule. This isn't the first time I've not known the rules, and won't be the last.
Phil (Missouri) - Sunday 01-06-08 21:14
Who is Ian?
John (Essex) - Sunday 01-06-08 21:25
Obviously I am not too clear on the rule, alhtough I had been weary of it of it, which is why I choose to use the Longball tactic.
Robin (Ayers Rock) - Monday 01-07-08 12:28
I thought Alon used to use BC ?
Tim (Zaragoza) - Monday 01-07-08 20:41

Various ones have used BC from time to time, but not many use it exclusively. It is a bit fiddly to build a team around, so tends to be dropped in favour of the simpler L or N. But if you like marking lots, then it is definitely the tactic for you. It sacrifices the FW area though, which makes most people nervous, with most shots coming from the MF area, but that can be overcome to some degree by using MAs.

Phil (Missouri) - Sunday 01-13-08 0:12
BC can be a really fun tactic, but you've got to have the right opponent...
Brian (Stockholm) - Monday 03-31-08 15:43
The 13.25 bonus to DEF and OFF you get for max OTF playing 5 MF's against 2 isn't that massive anymore, I think that is also part of the reason.
But the main thing is that the GP penalty is hugely prohibitive.
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