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Knockout Table
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Allan (Memphis) - Wednesday 11-19-08 17:44
I'd like to see us re-balance the knockout table a little (4 first place teams on the right side of the bracket). Can someone take a stab at this and get three of their colleagues to reply in the affirmative to their plan?

Here's the current table...

Phil (Missouri) - Wednesday 11-19-08 19:42
I can't do tables because I'm table illiterate in that way. I can read 'em. No idea how to put it on this page. Quickly, here's my schedule...

A-1 v. DEF-3
B-2 v. C-2

D-1 v. ABC-3
E-1 v. F-2

B-1 v. CDE-3
A-2 v. D-2

C-1 v. BCD-3
F-1 v. E-2

This puts three "1" teams on each side.
Dave (British Bull-Dogs) - Thursday 11-20-08 11:35
This is of course for next season & not retrospective I hope!
Dave (British Bull-Dogs) - Thursday 11-20-08 11:49
Only thing that strikes me is That E1 has to play F2 & F1 has to play E2, where as the other group winners play a 3rd place team. If two group winners are going to have to play a second team shouldnt it be the 2 group winners with lowest points total ?
David (Stockholm) - Thursday 11-20-08 12:06
Why not use a system that grades the 6 section winners 1-6, then the 2nds 7-12 and finally the 3rds 13-16.

Then pair in order

1 v 16

8 v 9

5 v 12

4 v 13

3 v 14

6 v 11

7 v 10

2 v 15

Winners of game 1 plays winner of game 2 etc.

Only 1 decision to be made:

a) Do it knowing an occasional 3rd might play a 2nd from their original section

b) Change any obvious "I have just played them" for the next number up or down.

The way it is at the moment it is possible to have 2 teams meeting from the same section before the Final, so the above system using a) is not any more unfair and we would all be playing for positions.

The seedings done this way ensure the best 4 winners should miss each other till the Semi Finals! - My tuppence worth!!

Steve (Asteria) - Thursday 11-20-08 15:45
Swap E1 and E2.
Steve (Asteria) - Thursday 11-20-08 15:48
I should have said - swap them in the original table.
Dave (British Bull-Dogs) - Thursday 11-20-08 17:28
I like Davids Suggestion ,makes complete sense to me,Why didn't I think of it? Doh
Phil (Missouri) - Saturday 11-22-08 19:54
I stand by my original suggestion. I don't think we were looking for an overhaul.
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