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Blowouts (again)
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Steve (Asteria) - Tuesday 01-13-09 12:24
There's a bit of a discussion about blowouts on SESL, some asking for clarification of the 50% rule, and been given answers, but others asking if there should also be some sort of penalty, no matter what the score, if a team fields as low as 35% for example.

I said I'd mention it here.

Allan (Memphis) - Tuesday 01-13-09 17:56
No need to change? ;-)
Dave (British Bull-Dogs) - Tuesday 01-13-09 18:30
Any chance of the SL % calculation appearing on the order page ?
Phil (Missouri) - Tuesday 01-13-09 21:58
For me, it would be as simple as someone clarifying the formula. Is it as simple as adding up all your SL and dividing by 2?
Steve (Asteria) - Wednesday 01-14-09 12:41
In simple terms, Phil, you add up all the SLs of the players on the pitch and divide by the SLs of the whole team that isn't supspended or injured.

However if an SL 20 player plays 18 minutes and is substituted for an SL 30 player then it's the average SL = (20 times 18)+(30 times 72) = 2520 divided by 90 = 28 for that pair of players.

Willy (Montevideo) - Wednesday 01-14-09 13:06
Now I see a reason why some managers don't retire their old low SL players... ;)
John (Essex) - Wednesday 01-14-09 16:02
Well that clears up a few things for me. We lost to BOA in the AP Cup and due to my lack of D, couldn't put enough SL on the pitch at one time (it's all I had) and got hit with the huge fine, which explains why we've been so active this season.
Robin (Ayers Rock) - Wednesday 01-14-09 20:50
This is totally Ludicrous I am getting seriously annoyed.I really want to let rip. Phil says one thing , Tim says another (on his web site) and Steve says something else.

Tim was the one who brought this 50% rule into MSWL and frankly until we get some clarification , it stinks.

To be fair to all managers ( sorry Al- more work for U) we need a box on the lineup page which tells us what our % is.

Yes I know it will change during the game if I bring subs on ,that is my problem, but I want to know my starting point.


Phil (Missouri) - Sunday 01-18-09 17:44
I'm fine with things the way they are.
Steve (Asteria) - Monday 01-19-09 11:43
All Windows computers have something called Calculator. I expect Macs and Linux has something similar. Look at your lineup. Look at the player SLs in the list to the right (ignore area totals and the boxes at the bottom).

Using Calculator add up all the SLs of the players you have that aren't below 0 EL or supsended. Click M+.

Add up all the SLs of the players you have selected in your starting 11. Click / then MR then =

I've a feeling Robin was tongue in cheek.

What I'd like, Allan, is a routine that checks my lineup and the subs I've ordered, and if the player I've ordered to come on isn't on the bench, or the player ordered to go off isn't in the stating 11, then Firefox flashes red and I get a Ctrl+G beep :)

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