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Who will finish 2nd to MP?
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Allan (Memphis) - Sunday 10-10-10 1:03

Just wanted to get this poll going...

Mark (Stockholm) - Sunday 10-10-10 16:07

SSG, if we were back in D1 :)

Robin (Ayers Rock) - Sunday 01-23-11 3:32

I have to post on here just to put down MP .

No one will finish 2nd to MP as MP will NOT be in the top 3 :)

Dave (British Bull-Dogs) - Sunday 01-23-11 13:25

Or lets put it like this

If you do finish second to MP you will be 12th ROCK BOTTOM !

BBD's press for promotion this season is tainted by the prospect that Big Als walking dead will be using the down elevator while we're going up !

C'est la vie!

Phil (Missouri) - Monday 01-24-11 4:28

You ask for it, you got it.  Vote in the MP poll...

Dave (British Bull-Dogs) - Thursday 01-27-11 14:03


Is there any change planned in the composition/criteria of the player lots in MSWL Auctions, following the debacle of 4 Age 0 Apprentices going for a total price of 3k in the last auction. I believe that there are too many Apprentices for the current supply of TP.

Draft = 16 Age 0 players + 8 Age 1 players (approx)

8 Auctions = 32 Age 0 players+ 8 Age players

Thats 64 Players that require TP each season (640 TP)

Each team gets 34 TP = 816 TP

8 Auctions averaging 2TP each = 16TP

It doesnt really encourage managers to use the Apprentice Accademy system.

Any opinions?

Allan (Memphis) - Wednesday 02-02-11 23:21

VERY hurtful comments about the former Commish.  Clearly the cheat codes have been removed from the code...

Like Santa Claus, I'm keeping score of all the managers drinking the hater-ade on this thread...  :-)


Phil (Missouri) - Saturday 02-05-11 9:06

Drinking?  Al, we're swimming in the stuff!

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