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Prediction League Idea
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Rob (Boston) - Saturday 02-26-11 14:21

I tried posting this in the poll, but Java threw up and told me it was too big to post, so here's my idea:

Since every time I visit an EPL team's website, I see options to bet on the games, I think it would be interesting to have that element. Have a similar setup to MSWL-U where certain matches are highlighted every week. 

Managers choose the winner or draw and place a wager on the match. If they win, they win that amount to their bank. If they get it wrong, they lose that money.

We would want to cap the amount wagered on individual games and since $$ is involved, we may want to keep the MSWL-U restriction of forcing managers to pick their own team to win if they want to wager on it.

We would keep a record of most accurate predicting manager, who could earn a reward at the end of the season (I vote for a manager's choice between 10CP, 5TP, or a couple hundred K) 

Robin (Ayers Rock) - Sunday 02-27-11 6:26


Dave (British Bull-Dogs) - Monday 02-28-11 0:08

I'd  drop somewhere between the last two posts & would happily offer ideas if Phil requests as I run the SESL prediction league

Robin (Ayers Rock) - Monday 02-28-11 8:33

I would say to anyone who supports this dreadful idea , if you want to play in a prediction league  go away and join one  there are plenty out there on the net . do not bring it into this league.

Robin (Ayers Rock) - Tuesday 03-01-11 4:32

Apologies if I offended anyone with my last post.

My objection to this is Money . A prediction league has NOTHING to do with the  OLmec set up, and  and as to how good a manager you are. The game is about building a squad playing games etc .

SESL has a prediction league which is run extremely well by Dave Dowson , but 50% of the teams do not participate as it has nothing to do with the game . Loads of money going to managers for predicting results which is NOT what the OLMEC was set up for.

I call a SPADE a SPADE  and I do not like prediction leagues.

Having said that it you managers want a prediction league in this League  , I will not spoil your fun  , have ONE but  , just for FUN , NO MONEY changes hands.

Robin "Grumpy" Dewar

David (Barnsley) - Tuesday 03-01-11 8:44

Must say my first thought on Rob's post was that the prize amounts (10CPs, 5 TPs, etc) were out of context in a League where money generally is tight, and it is now my 2nd thought as well.

Sympathise with Robin that it is nothing to do with the main aims of Olmec, but it can add some spice in looking at other teams' fixtures/results/leaqgue positions.

However with yet another hat on I am not keen on being told any game with my team in it must be scored a win or draw, as in United. With all due respect to teams further down the league than us - sometimes you know you don't have much hope of a win and to be told you have to take one of these options is not right. In United I might fancy my team to win or draw each time they come up - but not in MSWL.

So, if this gets the go ahead, the end of season prize must be realistic - no more than say 3-4 CPs or TPs. Any weekly prize must be capped around 50k - there are only 24 teams compared to 48 in SESL which gives 100k per week.

With so many managers playing in multi-Olmec games, this may seem like a few more minutes needing to be spent completing the week's "tasks".  

Dave (British Bull-Dogs) - Wednesday 03-02-11 23:02

While I wouldn't dream of upsetting old Grumpy Robin 'Captain  Morgan' Dewar ! Is there not an opportunity to 'BET' pre-season on the seasons outcome, available to Managers in SFLSL ?

Robin (Ayers Rock) - Wednesday 03-02-11 23:28

In answer to the Question ...NO we do not have pre-season BET in SFLSL :)

We had it for 1 season only now withdrawn. However it was far different to handing out Free 100k every week. which happens in SESL.

The manager had to use his teams K's to place a one off bet at the start of the season and predict the outcome of the top 3 in each division.

No K's ...No Bet ...nothing for free.

Dave (British Bull-Dogs) - Thursday 03-03-11 1:15

Well I asked for that didn't I

Steady on old fella, you'll blow another fuse in a minute...;-)))

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