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Steve (Asteria) - Tuesday 10-11-11 10:57
I agree it should be equal games for all - currently 14. I have a couple ideas so the also-rans don't get bored.

1. After the initial group games all ties are one game at a neutral ground. This means 4 less games than before, probably an average revenue loss of 320k and maybe 4 less slots for CP for most so another 100k.

2. Instead of 6 groups of 4 we have 4 groups of 6 playing 10 games. Then 4 knockout games. My gut feeling is that this will make the group games drag but it's no loss of revenue.

John (Richmond) - Tuesday 10-11-11 23:52

I like that idea, but I'll make an addition - we could up it to 15 games by having top two from each group of 4 advance to the knockout round, with miniature tournaments for teams finishing 3rd and 4th and then 5th and 6th.

You'd have home and away legs until the final match.

The knockout bracket would look something like:


and then just replace 1 and 2 with 3 and 4 and then 5 and 6 to get the other tournaments.

I'd actually prefer to swop the AP cup with the MSWL Cup in the schedule, though as I think the AP cup is a once you're done you're done, and the MSWL Cup isn't - one of those bodes better for the "preseason" in my opinion.

Brian (Boston) - Tuesday 12-13-11 15:24

Would it be feasible to include a cup match with each regular season session, in an attempt to quicken the pace of the overall season?  Something like one cup match and one divisional match on Wednesday, and then again the same that Saturday?  Perhaps do it only for the initial group stage to help shave a little time off the season (i.e. revert back to separate sessions for  the remaining rounds of the cup)?

Not sure any of these ideas would be welcome, just throwing some thoughts out there for discussion.

Phil (Missouri) - Thursday 12-15-11 4:57

Traditionally, MSWL has kept Cups separate from league play.  The eternal debate rages back and forth on the pros and cons on that....but the proposal would also alter the current "one match per session" set up that many like about MSWL.

Willy (Montevideo) - Friday 01-13-12 14:05

I have played in leagues with 2 (and even 3) games per session and IT SUCKS!!!

What would be fun is to overlap the Cups with the league just like in RL where for a while (at the beginning and end of the season) the Wed matches are for the cups...

Mark (Stockholm) - Sunday 01-15-12 9:48

I like Steve's idea with the 6 teams each group with John addition with swapping the mini tournament after group stage and the AP and MSWL Cup for his mentioned reasons.

Still like to have a one game each session structure. This is what MSWL makes different to other Olmec leagues

Brian (Boston) - Sunday 01-22-12 11:00
Either approach is fine by me. However, I do not agree with changing rules mid-season. It is too much like changing rules in the middle of a game.
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