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Not sure where this should go
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Steve (Asteria) - Wednesday 11-07-12 23:35
In the match preview pages, the lineups show age, SL, DP, EL in that order. Can DP and EL be swapped please because when I'm looking at the match up I keep thinking the players have low EL.
Phil (Missouri) - Tuesday 11-13-12 3:07

Great point, Steve.  I've often felt the same way, but didn't realize it mattered to anyone else.  Of course, if we change it, the other 22 managers will be forever confusing the two instead of us.  This is an issue we can discuss as this season winds up and we look at changes for next year.

Also to consider, if MSWL is the only place where the change is made, it would adversely affect managers in multiple games....

Thanks, Steve.

Rob (Boston) - Tuesday 11-13-12 16:06

I'm on board with this change... much better to keep the columns consistent from screen to screen.

Phil (Missouri) - Wednesday 11-14-12 6:22

I don't think I understood the question.....


Leon (Barnsley) - Thursday 11-15-12 6:59

Simple sollution, make sure you have a few players on high DP's, that way you know for sure it is not about EL ;)

But must agree on this one. I'd rather see the DP column one more to the right. The PU is fine where it is, it's easier to take a quick look who needs training. 

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