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Rob (Boston) - Sunday 12-02-12 15:24

Steve brought up marking in the blog for his recent match against BUA. In it, he mentions that he wanted to potentially mark 3 players. That brings up a couple questions for me as I have never fully grasped when to mark and how to do it effectively. 

Questions like...

  • Was there a possibility for all 3 players to be marked at once? Or was the same player selected to mark multiple players?
  • Followup... if multiple players were going to marked, would that have totally killed your GP or DEF ratings?
  • Why mark WG Aaron Lennon SL 15? I do get that when your opponent is playing L or EC, that marking the WG down can be quite effective as opposed to marking one of the FWs. However, the part I don't get here is why mark the SL 15 WG when BUA played an SL 33 WG as well. Why wouldn't you mark down the SL 33 WG instead?

In general, I'm curious about folks who use Marking... what makes you decide to use it? How do you use it?

Steve (Asteria) - Monday 12-03-12 13:27

My philosophy is that the more GP+DEF+OFF you have on the field, the more your chances of winning. And of course the less your opponents have the more your chances of winning. Playing Normal, a DF (when playing a SW) adds 50% GP, 100% DEF and 25% OFF. All this disappears when marking, so an SL 24 DF gives up 42 points to mark. If he's marking a FW he only reduces his SL by 24 points, a WG playing Early Cross by 38.4 (I think the multiplier is 1.6 but my copy of the rules are out of date). So when playing Normal it's only worth marking WGs. Yes you can reduce the FW chances of getting a shot but once I marked a FW and he still got 5 of 6 shots...

Yes I wanted to mark 3 players, big FW, big WG and small WG.
Yes it kills GP and DEF but as I was playing Ball Control from 60 minutes with 5 MF and they created a lot of DEF.
Lennon was the 2nd choice for Kaitos, he had President Sellers as 1st choice.
Markab marked Beckham when he came on after 30 minutes (not enough EL), any other player marked would have been a waste of excess SL. The reason Achernar didn't mark was because I was playing stall when he was on the field and would have lost GP/DEF and not reduced OFF enough (I think).

Playing Ball Control, a DF only adds 25% GP, 75% DEF and 25% OFF so SL 24 only gives up 30 points in reducing WG by 38 points.

Steve (Asteria) - Monday 12-03-12 13:29

Can anybody confirm WG OFF ratings.

Willy (Montevideo) - Monday 12-03-12 15:27

WG's do not get as many shots as FWs, so I would never mark a WG.  Also it is very important to consider that when you mark a player you absolutely need to make sure you take the SL of the marked player well below the SL's of other players so they get the shots.  

Marking many players to me is suicide, you take your DEF so low that the other team gets a lot of shots and it will probably lead to some of the marked players getting shots anyway.  (And remember that marking only reduces the SL of a player at the time of considering who gets a shot, but once a marked player gets a shot he is taking it at his full SL).

Steve (Asteria) - Monday 12-03-12 23:07
Willy, if you have 40 GP, 140 DEF against their 180 OFF then the important bit of the shot chance calculation is (180-40)/140 = 1. An SL 20 DF adds 10 GP and 20 DEF and would take 32 OFF away so (148-30)/120 <1 so the shot chance is reduced. Two such DFs make it (116-20)/100 = 0.96 It isn't much but it's less. But because I played Ball Control an SL 20 DF only adds 5 GP and 15 DEF but still takes 32 OFF from the opposition (148-35)/125 = 0.91 (40 GP is very unlikely playing Ball Control) What I did was put my SW, MF and FW in the lineup and compare GP, DEF and OFF between Normal and Ball Control and liked what I saw.
Steve (Asteria) - Monday 12-03-12 23:08
Sorry about the formatting there
Steve (Asteria) - Monday 12-03-12 23:17
And if somebody wants to work out what the two teams' shot chance would have been with me Plainfield Caroli B and Adhara up front and no marking from my team and playing Normal I'd be very interested.
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