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Poll Results: Who Is The Oldest MSWL Manager
Robin Dewar11
David Blair5
Dave Dowson5
Steve Turner1

Allan Sellers (MP)Robin Dewar  This is tough...I mean David Blair just celebrated his 50th birthday (for the 17th time), but I have to go with RD! 
John Holden (RFT)David Blair  Robins the Baldest,Steves the Coldest,Davids the Oldest,Im the Boldest & Carl is Carl! 
Rob Peterson (BOS)Robin Dewar  Aside from Steve (photo makes him look younger), I think all these guys are my father's age. =) 
Mark Boland (AYR)Dave Dowson  It has to be Dowson ,he can't get off the couch! What NO Ian Lindsay in the poll? Al you are slipping:-) 
Steve Turner (AK)Robin Dewar   
Kevin Martin (KIN)Robin Dewar   
Mark Creasey (SCO)Robin Dewar  a close call 
Carl Oakes (HAS)Robin Dewar  Before I scrolled down and saw the options my vote was heading Tim's way. I guess he just had a tough paper round. 
Willy Krosnyak (MT)David Blair  Dave has left and come back about 32 times, you can only do that in a looong lifetime... ;) 
Phil McIntosh (MLB)Robin Dewar  I'm really not sure here. I'm voting for Robin because I've at least known him the longest. Technically, Dowson could be...eight!  
Leon Permentier (BB)David Blair   
Marc de Kok (SSG)Steve Turner  Dave, Robin, and Carl are paying me to pick you, Steve.  
James Tucker (LPT)Dave Dowson  Top trader Dave methinks! 
Ian Lindsay (BOA)Robin Dewar  or maybe he just looks the oldest 
Jay Patrick Wilkins (NYT)Dave Dowson  The real question is this: "Which MSWL manager is older than dirt?" 
Simon Compton (BFC)Robin Dewar   
Peter Babcock (GGD)David Blair  These guys are Ancient - born when jaws was a sardine 
Alon Atie (GS)Robin Dewar   
Mike Hernandez (PEX)Dave Dowson   
Dave Dohm (MWW)Dave Dowson   
Brian Beerman (BSM)David Blair  Just coz. 
James White (ES)Robin Dewar