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Poll Results: Who is the best MSWL manager no longer playing the game?
Tim Given5
David Blair3
Other (write in)2
John Blazel2
Jeff Bagby2
Amy Sellers1

Phil McIntosh (MLB)Jeff Bagby  To know him is to love him. 
Jay Patrick Wilkins (NYT)Other (write in)  Psychic Dick Lindsay! 
Willy Krosnyak (MT)Other (write in)  Doug Pires... 
Brian Beerman (BSM)David Blair   
Rob Peterson (BOS)Tim Given  John Blazel, Jeff Bagby, and Amy Sellers were all already out of the league before I joined. I've gotta go with Mr. Given here. Sorry David. 
Mike Cabral (PRV)David Blair  I didn't know all these guys, but David is a great guy. Also, where's Graham on the list!? 
Kevin Martin (KIN)Jeff Bagby  A passionate mix of skill, team development, and all-out brutality. Only manager to switch to Press AFTER going up three+ goals... 
Alon Atie (GS)John Blazel   
Mark Boland (AYR)Tim Given  Tim was always difficult to beat and I would also nominate Douglas Pires 
Marc de Kok (SSG)David Blair   
John Holden (RFT)Tim Given  I didnt know John or Jeff or Amy. David Blair was & is a true gent but Timmy Boy gets my vote for his persistence with Ball Control 
Allan Sellers (MP)John Blazel  Kind of a tough call here, lots of good ones to choose from...still hoping to con all of these people to get back in the game. :-) 
Steve Turner (AK)Tim Given   
Simon Compton (BFC)Amy Sellers  Behind every good man is an even better woman, i am confident she would have been fantastic and probably made history by being the first lady United manager! 
Carl Oakes (HAS)Tim Given