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Poll Results: Who is your pick to win the Super Bowl?
Indianapolis Colts9
New Orleans Saints4

Phil McIntosh (MLB)Indianapolis Colts  I'm addicted to Peyton Manning's commercials and must have more! 
John Holden (RFT)New Orleans Saints  Wohaaa now let me think about this one ....... 
Rob Peterson (BOS)Indianapolis Colts  It Ain't gonna happen for New Orleans. 
Leon Permentier (BB)Indianapolis Colts  were unstoppable till they started resting players earlier in season 
Ian Lindsay (BOA)Indianapolis Colts  I can see only one winner 
Steve Turner (AK)Indianapolis Colts   
Willy Krosnyak (MT)Indianapolis Colts   
Kevin Martin (KIN)Indianapolis Colts  New Orleans got really lucky on the turnovers to get there. That won't hold up against a more disciplined offense. Indy by at least a touchdown. 
Peter Babcock (GGD)Indianapolis Colts  Never heard of either team, but at least i have a 50% chance of winning :) 
Jay Patrick Wilkins (NYT)Indianapolis Colts  Because the Colts beat my J-E-T-S and because a Saints win would be too much of a fairy tale to come true. And because the Colts' QB will pick apart the Saints' DBs. 
Simon Compton (BFC)New Orleans Saints  No Idea but i might just watch it on Sunday night, is it still on a sunday night?? 
Mike Cabral (PRV)New Orleans Saints  For DaveD! 
Allan Sellers (MP)New Orleans Saints