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Poll Results: What rules change would you like to see? (please add more detail in comments)
Addition of beards to all manager photos5
Change to Early Cross4
Addition of Sponsors3
Change to Ball Control2
Change to Other Tactics1

John Holden (RFT)Addition of beards to all manager photos  I already have a beard so would receive 10TP as an alternative  
Mark Creasey (SCO)Change to Ball Control  If OTF is a game feature than Ball Control should be a better viable tactic option.  
Simon Compton (BFC)Addition of beards to all manager photos   
Leon Permentier (BB)Addition of Sponsors  Not sure what this entails but sounds interesting 
Rob Peterson (BOS)Change to Other Tactics  I think it's a good time to review all tactics. There are really only 2 tactics that teams build around right now (N & EC). Diversity should be key, with counter balances to all the tactics that work and are used. 
Jay Patrick Wilkins (NYT)Change to Early Cross  Get rid of Early Cross and WGs because I don't understad hem. Unlikely, I know, but you asked. 
Allan Sellers (MP)Change to Early Cross   
Phil McIntosh (MLB)Addition of beards to all manager photos  No changes necessary.... 
Steve Turner (AK)Change to Early Cross  Already done. Sponsors? Beards? Beards make me itch. 
Marc de Kok (SSG)Change to Early Cross  Bringing EC down as a potent force sounds good - stops the "get in 2/3 cracking WGs and we have a sure fire scoring machine" tactic - which I have used in other leagues if I'm honest! 
Peter Babcock (GGD)Addition of beards to all manager photos   
Carl Oakes (HAS)Addition of Sponsors   
James Tucker (LPT)Change to Ball Control  MF players and OTF often ignored so good to encourage BC. 
Mike Cabral (PRV)Addition of beards to all manager photos   
James White (ES)Addition of Sponsors  i need money :) 
Alon Atie (GS)Other  Playing passive used to make players play at 85% of effectiveness and it was an occasionaly used tactic. About 10 seasons ago it was changed to 80% and since then outfield players almost never play P. I would like to see the rules changed back.