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Poll Results: Where will MP finish this season?
2nd through 8th6
Relegation Playoff Zone (9th through 11th)4
12th Place (Automatic Relegation)2

Phil McIntosh (MLB)2nd through 8th  Al will get at least six points (off MLB).  
Leon Permentier (BB)2nd through 8th  I find it is always easier to be friendly, but if MP finish below 8th I can smirk (not loud - though - I play in United as well...) 
Peter Babcock (GGD)12th Place (Automatic Relegation)  They will swap places with GGD  
John Holden (RFT)Relegation Playoff Zone (9th through 11th)  If you Division 1 guys get your fingers out it could be 12th! 
Rob Peterson (BOS)2nd through 8th  He doesn't have the muscle! 
Ian Lindsay (BOA)2nd through 8th  8th. I'm being kind here. 
Kevin Martin (KIN)2nd through 8th  While we appreciate Al letting other teams win a few early on, he may have let the gap get too big to overtake Alon in a late surge. 
Jay Patrick Wilkins (NYT)12th Place (Automatic Relegation)  Because while the arc of history is long, it bends toward justice... 
Mark Boland (AYR)Relegation Playoff Zone (9th through 11th)   
Mike Cabral (PRV)2nd through 8th  Al will find a way to survive, barely. 
Allan Sellers (MP)1st  Obviously. NEXT QUESTION! 
Oli Sigurjonsson (CI)Relegation Playoff Zone (9th through 11th)  So the answer to the question is : "The relegated team" 
Steve Turner (AK)Relegation Playoff Zone (9th through 11th)