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Poll Results: Which veteran manager is at greatest risk for Division II?
Al Sellers (MP)4
Steve Turner (AK)2
None. MP, AK and BOS promote.2
Rob Peterson (BOS)1

Steve Turner (AK)Steve Turner (AK)  We're just so unlucky :) 
Phil McIntosh (MLB)Steve Turner (AK)  Steve seems to be very much a "hard luck" manager lately when it comes to securing a Division I spot... 
Brian Beerman (BSM)Rob Peterson (BOS)   
James White (ES)Al Sellers (MP)   
Carl Oakes (HAS)None. MP, AK and BOS promote.  All safe 
Rob Peterson (BOS)None. MP, AK and BOS promote.  I gotta like my chances as being the last team to promote... 
Allan Sellers (MP)Al Sellers (MP)  This playoff competition is stacked with the best managers in the league...2nd division here we come. 
Mike Cabral (PRV)Al Sellers (MP)  Can we create a Division 3, just for Al? 
Simon Compton (BFC)Al Sellers (MP)  As the song goes, Oh wouldnt it be nice by the beach boys, I am sure you can summon the boys though AL!