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Poll Results: Which AP Cup group deserves the title, "Group of Death"
Group D4
Group F4
Group A2
Group C2
Group E2

Phil McIntosh (MLB)Group D  1. GS is there. 2. MLB is there, feeling GS. 3. 4 D-1 teams. 5. Group D/Death starts with "D" 
Brian Beerman (BSM)Group A   
Steve Turner (AK)Group D  Based on T11 but F if you're looking at current points 
Rob Peterson (BOS)Group F  We happen to be the only group with 3 "contending" teams after 3 games. 
Oli Sigurjonsson (CI)Group D  Very difficult group. Hard to get points of GS and then 3 similar teams. 
Willy Krosnyak (MT)Group C   
Marc de Kok (SSG)Group E  All groups with SSg in it are groups of death. 
Allan Sellers (MP)Group A  Clearly Group A. There's really no contest here... 
Mark Boland (AYR)Group C   
Kevin Martin (KIN)Group D  All 4 teams are Div 1 this season. Is there any doubt? 
Carl Oakes (HAS)Group F  For me anyway :) 
James White (ES)Group F  3 teams tied on 6 points 
Jay Patrick Wilkins (NYT)Group E  Because Team NYT is in it, of course. 
Peter Babcock (GGD)Group F  Group C a close second !