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Poll Results: Which is "Group of Death" in the MSWL Cup?
Group E10
Group A3
Group F2

Simon Compton (BFC)Group E  This looks the toughest to me it what do I know? 
Dave Dohm (MWW)Group E   
John Holden (RFT)Group A  Every game a good one. 
Phil McIntosh (MLB)Group E  Although MLB does bring down the "death quotient." 
James Tucker (LPT)Group E   
Brian Beerman (BSM)Group E   
Peter Babcock (GGD)Group E  had to be one of the Gauteng groups :) 
Leon Permentier (BB)Group A  Glad I am not in this section. 
Rob Peterson (BOS)Group E  There actually seems to be a good spread among the groups, though Group E edges out Group A for "Group of Death" status. 
Marc de Kok (SSG)Group F  Any group with AL in it is one. 
Willy Krosnyak (MT)Group F  GS to win it but the other teams to kill us talking about it... 
Steve Turner (AK)Group A  I think group is the most likely to see a decent side eliminated 
Alon Atie (GS)Group E   
Kevin Martin (KIN)Group E  I looked hard a group A as well, yet E has 3 of the top 10 T11s and 3 of top 7 league finishers. Ouch. 
Ian Lindsay (BOA)Group E  We're in a group with the inaugural season champions, and the team that has won the title every season since then. And worst of all we're in a group with Dave. Group of death.