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Poll Results: What is your preference for bank accounts?
Free market--unrestricted totals10
A hard cap--excess lost (please comment on amount)6
A tax upon richest accounts (please comment)2

Brian Beerman (BSM)Free market--unrestricted totals   
Leon Permentier (BB)Free market--unrestricted totals  It's one of those things that separates this league from others. 
Steve Turner (AK)Free market--unrestricted totals   
Willy Krosnyak (MT)Free market--unrestricted totals  Do not punish the successful...  
James Tucker (LPT)A hard cap--excess lost (please comment on amount)  Perhaps higher cp costs as well? 4000k.  
John Holden (RFT)A hard cap--excess lost (please comment on amount)  I like a hard cap with a free market mentality - raise CP prices to make cash a more scarce resource 
Phil McIntosh (MLB)Free market--unrestricted totals  This is our current policy and my top desire...I can't say that this will continue, though. 
Mark Creasey (SCO)A hard cap--excess lost (please comment on amount)  GS & my team SCO have too much money. Set a limit of 4 or 5,000k maybe. 
Marc de Kok (SSG)A hard cap--excess lost (please comment on amount)  4000 should be it. Excess not lost but given to the team on wooden spoon in D2. 
Alon Atie (GS)Free market--unrestricted totals  The game is about balancing resources. Keeping money in the bank simply allows managers to plan for the future at the expense of the present. 
James White (ES)A hard cap--excess lost (please comment on amount)  4000 seems to be the norm across leagues 
Allan Sellers (MP)A tax upon richest accounts (please comment)  We had some good debates over in United on a tax. It turned out that teams spent a little more on auctions and didn't sell players as much and now almost always stay under the published threshold. 
Kevin Martin (KIN)A tax upon richest accounts (please comment)  Many pro leagues tax total player salaries to try to maintain competitive balance between teams. We don't have player salaries, so the only option is to tax/limit total bank balance. 3000k is high enough for most teams. Then set a punitively high rate for 
Peter Babcock (GGD)Free market--unrestricted totals   
Rob Peterson (BOS)Free market--unrestricted totals  One of the only ways to improve is to spend money, so if you're not spending, you're probably not improving too much...  
Simon Compton (BFC)Free market--unrestricted totals   
Mike Cabral (PRV)Free market--unrestricted totals  I may be missing the point, but $$ does not seem to matter too much. 
Mark Boland (AYR)A hard cap--excess lost (please comment on amount)  3 to 4k cap