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Asteria Kromatos (AK)
Steve Turner
Established Season 0 (2005)
0 CP / 1 TP / 10 OTF
Bank: 2957 / Morale: 0.69 (0.00)
1st Division: 7th place
Nickname: The Crazy Tomatoes
Club Record
OverallDiv 1
Previous Names
Granada CF (GCF)S14 - S14
Previous Coaches
Casey Martinez (S14-14),
Trophy Cabinet
2nd Division Winner: 1 (17)
2nd Division Runnerup: 1 (16)
MSWL Cup Runnerup: 1 (18)
Roster (20 Players)
Name PosAgeSLEL PU
Mimosa GK334410
Den Ebola GK520100
Charlie Zimmerman SD125-18
Mickie Markab DF330-17
Bruno El Nath DF23049
Barry Achernar DF127110
Anthony Sirius DF22083
Baten Kaitos DF610100
Cantona MF42534
Kevin Tarazet MF12058
Bet El Geuse MF52030
Tarantula MF516101
Gerry Sol MF69100
Andy Sirius MA523-11
Sadal Melik WG514100
Cor Caroli B FW334510
Barry Adhara FW127510
Rigel Kent FW610100
Eureka FW74100
El Saver FW22100
Unavailable For Trade
El Saver 24
Eureka 2
Team Form
Last 10: wDwWLldWwW

MVP: w--

Team DPs:


AK are rivals to 2 teams.

Recent Transactions
March 6, 2013
  • 6/3 WG Grant Sol retires.
  • 6/4 WG Graham Sol retires.
  • 7/2 MF Geoffrey Sol retires.
  • 7/4 DF Zuben El Genubi retires.
    December 20, 2012
  • Auction 8: Acquired 2/17 DF.
  • Auction 8: Acquired 5/22 MA.
    November 15, 2012
  • 7/8 GK James Aitken retires.
  • 7/2 MF Ian Murray retires.
  • Auction 5: Acquired 5/25 GK.
    September 20, 2012
  • Auction 1: Acquired 5/25 MF.
    September 12, 2012
  • AK sends 2k to CI for Eureka (7/7 FW).
    September 2, 2012
  • 7/1 SW Bogdan Zavijava retires.
    Team Needs

    To build a Steve Turner team.

    Next 3 Games
    Last 10 Games
    46 Mar 06 W4 - 0@Ayers Rock MSWL Cup
    45 Mar 02 D0 - 0Ayers Rock MSWL Cup
    44 Feb 27 W4 - 3@Missouri Legal Beagles MSWL Cup
    43 Feb 23 W4 - 0Missouri Legal Beagles MSWL Cup
    42 Feb 20 L0 - 1Liverpool Tigers MSWL Cup
    41 Feb 16 L2 - 6@Liverpool Tigers MSWL Cup
    40 Feb 13 D0 - 0@Boston Mythos MSWL Cup
    39 Feb 09 W2 - 1Boston Mythos MSWL Cup
    38 Jan 30 W1 - 0@New York Trashtalkers MSWL Cup
    37 Jan 26 W7 - 0Memphis Pharaohs MSWL Cup
    About Asteria Kromatos

    Asteria Kromatos started life as Granada CF, an expansion team in Season 14 run by Casey Martinez. I took over some time after the Alan Parr Cup but before the MSWL Cup that season. For season 15 I changed the team name but kept the original player names. My first signing was 0/2 GK Michael Antares. All new players are named after stars in our Galaxy and the team name means Coloured Stars (see Coach's Bio).


    Season League AP Cup MSWL Cup
    14 9th Div 2 22nd 22nd
    15 8th Div 2 18th 8th
    16 2nd Div 2 15th 5th
    17 1st Div 2 3rd 4th
    18 5th Div 1 6th 2nd
    19 12th Div 1 10th 10th
    20 3rd Div 2 3rd 21st
    21 11th Div 1 13th 12th
    22 7th Div 1 8th 5th

    Season XXII  - managed to stay in Division One through the play-offs last season but finding it hard to build a decent team. This season it looks very doubtful I'll have any Age 0 players as all the TP is needed for the age 1 players I have. We're still only mid-table in T11 and T17 but do have a good Gk and a couple of Fw's so keeping my hopes up.

    Coach's Bio: Steve Turner

    I was born in January 1959 so that makes me nearly 54. I have 2 step-daughters from a failed marriage and one of those has given me a granddaughter and grandson. I also have a daughter from the marriage and she has also given me three grandsons.

    Before I was married I'd been to Greece three times, learnt a little of the language and can sometimes remember all 24 letters of the alphabet in order. After getting married we went to Florida twice while the kids were young enough to enjoy Disneyworld - the plan is to go back next year (2011) using my redundancy payout. Job is safe though as I'm starting work with one of the employees who will become an employer immediately. And since the divorce, me and the youngest has been to Italy three times in consecutive years.

    I joined PSFA in 2004, then SESL, SaSo, MSWL, Flatnz and SFLSL, and ran ODFL for a couple of seasons. I am also playing in U2.

    Back on October 31st 2009 I started flirting by text with someone I'd known a while but was always just my daughter's best friend. One thing led to another and Elaine is now my fiance (anyone who is my Facebook friend could have seen this) although we have no plans to move in together (late update - maybe next summer she'll move in. Later update - still not moved in but working on it). We haven't set a date for the wedding as we need to start saving up.