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Marblehead Wild Woodpeckers (MWW)
Dave Dohm
Established Season 14 (2005)
1 CP / 0 TP / 10 OTF
Bank: 1976 / Morale: 0.07 (0.00)
2nd Division: 12th place
Nickname: The Woodpeckers
Club Record
OverallDiv 1
Previous Names
Memphis Mudflingers (MMF)S10 - S13
Bristol Nibbers (BN)S14 - S19
Previous Coaches
Christian Criswell (S10-13), Paul Butterworth (S14-16), Rene Wilkens (interim) (S17-17), Rene Wilkens (S18-19),
Trophy Cabinet
2nd Division Winner: 1 (16)
2nd Division Runnerup: 1 (13)
Wooden Spoon: 1 (21)
Roster (22 Players)
Name PosAgeSLEL PU
Marc Andre Fleury GK1231010
Al Thalimain GK6990
Adriano Basso GK62100
Jay Patrick Snikliw SW11881
Alan Hansen SW412100
Tavaris Jackson SW17100
Willie Miller SW62100
Alex Salmond SD512100
Buster Twot DF221510
Chris Chambers DF41750
Robert Sherman DF014910
Norman Mailer DF63100
Petronius Longus DF63100
Earl Thomas DM017610
LaSean McCoy MF222810
Paul Hartley MF5650
Evani Malkin MA11763
Salman Rushdie MA51450
Mark Hettenbach MA5660
John Akinde FW328107
Everett Young FW32556
Sidney Crosby FW223910
Unavailable For Trade
Robert Sherman 1
Team Form
Last 10: LllLDLllll

MVP: Lll

Team DPs:


MWW are rivals to 0 teams.

Recent Transactions
September 30, 2012
  • 0/2 DF Robert Sherman (50k) signs as an apprentice.
    September 15, 2012
  • 7/1 DF Jamie McCombe retires.
  • 7/1 WG Christopher Brookmyre retires.
  • 7/1 FW Nick Hornby retires.
    December 4, 2011
  • 6/4 DF Haruki Murakami retires.
    November 24, 2011
  • 7/2 MA Gavin Williams retires.
  • 0/2 GK Marc Andre Fleury (50k) signs as an apprentice.
    October 26, 2011
  • 0/2 MA Evani Malkin (150k) signs as an apprentice.
    September 18, 2011
  • 7/2 FW Roman Kukleta retires.
    January 6, 2011
  • 0/0 DF Buster Twot (50k) signs as an apprentice.
    December 21, 2010
  • 7/2 FW Agatha Christie retires.
  • 6/3 DF Iris Murdoch retires.
    Team Needs

    Next 3 Games
    Last 10 Games
    46 Mar 06 L0 - 5Stockholm Science Geeks MSWL Cup
    45 Mar 02 L0 - 4@Stockholm Science Geeks MSWL Cup
    44 Feb 27 L0 - 4@Barnsley Brewers MSWL Cup
    43 Feb 23 L0 - 1Gauteng Golden Dragons MSWL Cup
    42 Feb 20 D1 - 1Kirksville Invertebrates MSWL Cup
    41 Feb 16 L3 - 6Barnsley Brewers MSWL Cup
    40 Feb 13 L0 - 5@Gauteng Golden Dragons MSWL Cup
    39 Feb 09 L0 - 4@Kirksville Invertebrates MSWL Cup
    38 Jan 30 L1 - 4@Providence Waterfires MSWL Cup
    37 Jan 26 L0 - 3@Scotland FC MSWL Cup
    About Marblehead Wild Woodpeckers
    Formed as an expansion side for Season 14, the Nibbers theme of authors and wordsmiths in general was a somewhat last minute decision. According to T11/T17 the Nibbers will be relegation candidates for season 18, the same as for last season but then the Nibbers were able to finish 8th with interim manager Rene Wilkens. This season Rene is headcoach.

    Past league results for Bristol Nibbers

    17 1 8 22 8 4 10 22 41 28
    16 2 1 22 14 7 1 66 24 49
    15 2 3 22 14 3 5 33 23 45
    14 2 11 22 3 8 11 15 37 17
    Coach's Bio: Dave Dohm
    Al first introduced me to MSWL back in the late 80's which were my high school years. Al and I met via mutual friends, the Blazel brothers. If you are good at math you can figure out that I am in my late 30's (38 to be exact). I have lived in Quincy, Illinois most of my life. I have a degree in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science and work in Purchasing for a company that manufactures truck utility bodies. I am married and have two daughters. I am a sports nut with a wide geographical base for my favorite teams. Seattle Seahawks in football......I know perennial losers, Pittsburgh Penguins-a little better choice and no, not as Al would have you believe, a band wagon choice. I grew up watching Mario Lemieux when the Pens were bad and eventually got better wining back to back Stanley Cups in the early 90's. I bleed red during baseball season as a St. Louis Cardinals fan being I am 2 hours from St.Louis. I love these simulated sporting games participating in this and a baseball game called strat-o-matic which is based off of real player stats from year to year. I currently participate (16 years) in one of those leagues with managers from all over the USA. Contrary to my MSWL United mentality I really am a laid back nice guy. Love this game and am pretty much addicted to it.